New security footage of the two men that killed Vincent Jalink

murderers of vincent jalink

 Security footage murderers Vincet Jalink

The murder of the beloved criminal Vincent Jalink is getting a lot of attention again. The TV Program Investigation Requested showed security footage that possibly shows the two men responsible for the murder of Vincent Jalink. This time we can clearly see two men who were dressed in black and look out-of-place. After killing Vincent the killers left the crime scene by a stolen black & white scooter.

Before they committed the crime security cameras in the area took some footage of the men. Looks like they were two young offenders, around 30 years of age and both dressed in black. People who have seen the murder told the police that it was one dark and one light man. The perpetrators made sure to look at the ground to protect their faces from being recorded by the security cameras. The man on the front wore a jacket with big hood on, but someone who would know him well can surely recognize him.

Vincent Jalink

Son Vincent Jalink

The murder was carried out before the eyes of his 7-year-old son on the kliperweg in Diemen North.

There is a video on the internet where you can see Vincent Jalink after he got shot. He’s having a hard time breathing and people are trying to save him. He died several hours later in the hospital. You can watch the video down below but don’t watch it if you have a weak stomach.

The police called it a miracle that the son of Vincent wasn’t hit by one of the bullets. After he heard the shot he left the car and ran to his parents house. He started to bang on the windows but no one would respond. After he noticed that no one was at home he walked back to the place where his father was shot.

Vincent Jalink did not fear for his life because he wasn’t a criminal. States his lawyer, Gerald Roethof. “This was not on the agenda. He did not see this coming. No one saw this coming.” He probably was mistaken for someone else and as a result got shot and killed.



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