Police footage released of fatal shooting Jeremy Holmes

Body cam footage released police officer fatally shot Jeremy Holmes

Jeremy Holmes

Jeremy Holmes – The American authorities in Colorado have released body cam footage of a policeman who shoots and kills a young man armed with a knife.

The shooting took place on July 2nd, but the footage has only been released last week. On the footage, you can see how the police officer asks the 19-year-old to drop his knife over 40 times.

When the police officer tried to grab his taser to overpower the teenager, the young man charges at the officer. The officer is forced to pull the trigger and fatally shoots Holmes. The victim was known for having psychological problems for some time. The 19-year-old repeatedly tells the officer “I want to die”.


Police Chief Terry Jones said the result of the shooting is unfortunate but that the officers did everything they possibly could. Jeremy’s mum Susan Holmes says his death was preventable.

In a letter to the Citys Council she wrote: “My son, Jeremy Holmes was shot six times. Provision of the missing facts along with the deconstruction of Officer Morris’s actions will reveal that Jeremy’s death was unnecessary and preventable.”

She claims her son was suffering from a “Reaction to the THC in marijuana,” which led to him being suicidal.


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