How to force a coffeeshop in amsterdam to close it’s doors

Coffeeshop Netherlands

How to extort a coffeeshop in Amsterdam

Extortioners in the Netherlands have found a new method that forces coffeeshop owners to pay because if they don’t they are forced to close down their store. There’s obviously a group behind this who have decided to make a living with this method. Hard working entrepreneurs get their necks broken by these people and there’s not a single thing they can do. It seems like these criminals take extra joy out of fucking people’s lives up because in the last year it happens over and over again.

Coffeeshop Amsterdam

The method

We’ll there’s only one thing you really need and that is a gun. Yes, it’s that simple. Just buy a gun on the street and earn some cash. The mayor’s of several dutch cities are scared of the violence that coffeeshop’s bring to their city and if anything happens in or to that coffeeshop that make’s them believe the citizens of that city are in danger the coffeeshop get’s closed. These criminals are taking full advantage of this. They contact the coffeeshop owner and give him two options. One is to either pay the extortioners a large sum of money every month. The other option is to not pay. These criminals then take their gun, drive to your coffeeshop, fire a few shots at your store and the mayor of that city will force you to close your doors. All of this to protect its citizens.


Not only extortioners try this method but also fellow coffeeshop owners use this method to close down their competition. It’s becoming a real epidemic in the Netherlands. The no warning policy that several towns are following at this moment is the real problem. Coffeeshop owners know that the government wants to get rid of coffeeshops in the Netherlands. Try to force as much coffeeshop’s as possible to close down by new rules, make the ones who don’t take down each other and then slowly remove the ones that are left over.

Coffeeshop’s are only as legal in the Netherlands as you think they are because if you think about it they are as illegal as can be. If you want to read more about the legality of coffeeshop’s in the Netherlands click here.




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