Former Cocaine Smuggler shares his memories through a blog

Raymond K Cocaine Dealer

Raymond K – Cocaine Smuggler

Cocaine – The 49-year-old Raymond K. got arrested with 600 kilos of cocaine last year. Raymond was on his sailboat and just a few miles away from the Brazilian coast. This former cocaine smuggler decided he wanted to start blogging. In his blogs he writes that he smuggled cocaine for over 20 years and began his big jobs after he was detained with two Colombians in Friesland, The Netherlands.

As we already know Raymond K. got arrested in France in early 2007 for possession of 598 kilos of cocaine. In his blog, he explains to us in full detail how he came into contact with a Colombian man who had close connections to the Cali cartel.


The first criminal contacts he gained were through the Marwei Prison in the city of Leeuwarden in 1994. Raymond K. writes on his blog:

In Marwei I came in contact with George D. George was detained there for the largest cocaine transport in Europe. I was more specialized in vehicle cloning, falsifying documents and stealing cars. I knew little to nothing about cocaine. George told me how they imported directly from Colombia. They used barrels filled with frozen fruit juice to hide the cocaine in and then they shipped the containers through the port of IJmuiden.

Marwei Leeuwarden cocaine prison

Through George, he came into contact with two Colombians who were also in the Marwei prison at that time.

The Marwei prison at that time was the place to be when it came to making new criminal contacts for someone who had a little sense, there were two Colombians in our department who were responsible for large cocaine shipments to the Netherlands. It’s amazing how they put all these criminals together, I could not imagine a better place to find these contacts. I worked at the computer’s there with a Colombian named Jorge who worked with the Cali cartel. I had the ability to make any document that i needed, put it on a disk and smuggle it out during visiting hours. My knowledge therefore only grew. I managed to create a contact in Colombia who trusted me. Exactly where I wanted it. It was now important to get all of our noses in the same direction, and to put a plan on the table to get the product to the Netherlands.

Cocaine smuggling – Part 2

The second part of Raymond his blog was published today:

I knew what I wanted, I wanted to go to Colombia to get the right people around me. Jorge brought me into contact me with Julio L. Initially we wanted to transport the cocaine by cargo ship, but we had to be outside of prison to make these plans a reality. I had to go to Colombia to talk with the harbor masters of Cartagena and Santa Marta. Julio would go with me because of the language barrier and because he knew the area very well. In the meantime I would increase my knowledge on the harbor for Antwerp so we would know where the ships would come in.

Cocaine smuggling


What we did with the cocaine was in my eyes just business. Buying and selling. Nothing wrong with that. Same with the cars, all cars we stole were new and therefore paid by the insurance, no one suffered except the insurance companies. One of the excuses I used was that 80% of the stolen cars were from Germans. I came here to retrieve the bicycle of my grandfather (Old World War II Joke) I know these are all excuses, but we never did do anything violent or ruined lives. When i was released out of prison i began to set up a small car repair shop to keep myself busy and in the meantime i started the project named Colombia. I started to gather information I needed for when we traveled to Colombia. My garage was running and it now came down to waiting the release of Julio.


Raymond K. originally comes from the city of Heemskerk. He reportedly has a Colombian wife and owns companies in both Spain and England. According to Raymond’s former in-laws he has been arrested over a dozen times for drug offenses. The last time was last year in Recife, Brazil. Brazilian police suspected that a large amount of cocaine was thrown  into the sea with a parachute somewhere off the coast of South America and that Raymond K. then picked up the drugs with his boat.

Raymond had big plans for his blog but those dreams got cruelly shattered when news leaked out. Raymond has since then removed his blog and we managed to scoop out a few of the articles that he was planning on posting.

You’ll hear from us !


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