Fourteen killed during shooting at Mexican rehab center

14 people killed during shooting between gang members at Mexican rehab center in Chihuahua

Mexico Shooting

Fourteen people were killed during the shooting last Tuesday in the Mexican city of Chihuahua. The shootings happened in and around a drug rehab center. News articles like these give you a weird feeling, especially because the reason for the shooting is most likely for control over the local drug market.

Rehab Center

The shooting in the Rosaria district began when a street gang, the Aztecas, opened fire on some members of a competing gang, Los Mexicles, who were hanging out around the drug rehabilitation center. The last group is linked  to the Sinaloa cartel, which we know of the now arrested leader El Chapo.

The war between these gangs is mainly about the control of distribution routes to the north. With the route to the United States being the most important one. In laboratories spread across the Mexican country, lately,¬† large amounts of crystal meth are being produced. This ‘new gold’ produces huge revenues and with a lot of money comes a lot of violence.


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