In front of the judge – A disappointing harvest

In front of the judge A disappointing harvest

Disappointing Harvest

Disappointing Harvest – Every day, judges attend cases that are not shocking, but often recognizable. Like this case.

Cor has a flat-screen TV with the dimensions of a living room window. He cooks on a luxurious six burner stove and has a jacuzzi in his garden. And all of that from an unemployment benefit of almost 900 euros a month. Something doesn’t add up?

The colossal flat screen on the wall of his living room was the first thing police noticed when they raided the little cottage in Leimuiden, South-Holland. In the kitchen of Cor, the officers had to walk along a luxurious six burner stove and a double American refrigerator, towards the back door. In the garden they discovered a brand new motorbike and a jacuzzi.

“You are not able to buy all of those things with your unemployment benefit of almost 900 euros,” says the prosecutor.

In the shed in the back of the garden, the police finds the source of Cor’s money. Fifty almost mature cannabis plants.

€30,000 Debt

Cor (44) has the letter ‘N’ tattooed in his neck and beyond the collar and sleeves of his sweater more ink appears. He has wide shoulders and a compact, inflated fitness body. His shaved head shakes from left to right during the officer’s argument. He does not deny the weed plant, they were from him, but the luxury products in and around his house are from another time. Cor may not look like a successful entrepreneur, but he was. He owned a well-run company with 64 employees. With the profits he generated with that business he could buy a jacuzzi every week.

How he lost everything, he wont tell, but now times are different. He is a single father of a daughter of 7. Has a debt of more than 30,000 euros and has no job. He saw no other way out. He has gambled and lost. The plantation in his garden shed costed him money, he says. One week before he could finally harvest, the police stormed in.


The officer does not believe his story. The polluted filters found in his barn, the used clippers and the remains of dead plants tell a different story. But that’s all from his past, says Cor. He has been convicted for growing cannabis several years ago. He still had those things. And, according to him, the dead plants are no evidence for an earlier harvest. “If you grow such an amount of cannabis you should always assume that there are a few plants that do not make it”.

It is a known story for the judge. Everyone that gets caught growing cannabis will certainly deny an earlier harvest. It can save you a lot of money. According to the calculation models of the prosecution, such a harvest of fifty plants would have yielded 3643 euros and 80 cents. With that cor also has to do forty hours of community. The officer demands 3643 euros and 80 cents as a “revocation claim” of him. And unfortunately for Cor the judge agrees.

Again, he shakes his head. Anyone wants to buy a jacuzzi?


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