In front of the judge – Sometimes I’m Done Talking

In Front of the judge I am done talking

Done Talking

Done Talking – According to his documents, Mustapha is 23 years old, but he looks like someone who is at least ten years younger. Petite is the right word to describe him. With a silk-like mustache on his upper lip. With a slow pace, hiding behind his lawyer, he walks in the direction of his chair. He repeatedly abused his ex-girlfriend for six months.

Here Goes Nothing

“I’m sorry,” the 23-year-old says.
“I’m glad to hear that,” says the judge.
“That I met her,” explains Mustapha.
“You regret that you met her?”
“A lot, yes,” nods Mustapha.
“Not for the abuse?”

He shrugs his shoulders.

“Why do you do such a thing?” Asks the judge.
“Because of her,” says Mustapha.
“Because of her?”
“She tried to drive me crazy,” explains Mustapha.
“How?” Asks the judge.
“By talking.”
“By talking?”
“She is not right in the head. That’s her problem. She does it all herself. I do not know how to explain. She is crazy and tries to drive me crazy as well. Always talk, talk, talk. Sometimes I’m done talking. ”
“And then you start punching,” the judge adds.
“Sometimes,” says Mustapha.
“And that is her own fault, according to you?” Asks the judge.

I Don’t Care

Among the criminal charges; several assaults, but the judge finds one incident in particular very interesting. There’s even security footage of the incident. His ex is at work, she works at a local coffee shop when Mustapha appears at her counter. Almost immediately he punches her in the face with his right fist. He jumps over the counter and punches her three times in the face. The punches are so hard that she drops to the floor. While she is lying on the floor, Mustapha kicks her. Then he drags her by her hair and slaps her twice in the face. She falls again. Mustapha disappears from the footage for a brief moment but then returns. With a bar stool in his hands, he stands on top of her, lying defenseless on the floor. But lucky for the girl at this point bystanders intervene.

“Her own fault as well?” The judge repeats his question.
“She is not right in the head.”
“And you? Don’t you think you might have a problem with controlling your aggression?” The judge tries.
“There’s nothing wrong with me, I don’t suffer from anything,” says Mustapha.

The 23-year-old’s criminal history sheds a bit more light on the situation. He also beat a former ex-girlfriend, his fiancé at the time. Several times she appeared at the police station, terrified, in an attempt to escape the abuse of her twisted lover, but officers never managed to get her to officially report him. She was just too scared of him.

“Again, her own fault?” The judge asks.

Mustapha sighs. He is done. He just has the rare (luck) that he attracts those type of girls. Women who leave him no choice but to punch them. He accepts his fate: 50 hours of community service and a two-week conditional prison sentence.


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