In Front Of The Judge – Side Effects

In Front Of The Judge Medication Side Effects

Side Effects

Side Effects – “If you are wondering why I am wearing a sun visor, It’s against the light. I have some problems with my eyes,” explains the judge. The 35-year-old suspect Gawin does not seem that interested in the judge nor her sun visor. It’s his first time in a courtroom. Everything is new to him.

“I must tell you that you that you are not obliged to answer any question of mine, do you understand that?” The judge asks.
“And if I don’t want to answer?” Gawin asks.
“Then you don’t say anything,” she explains.
“Or you could just say it.”
“That I do not want to give an answer?” Gawin asks.
“Exactly,” says the judge.”Am I right in thinking that there are questions that you would rather not answer?”
“Oh no, not at all. You can ask me anything you want,” says Gawin.
“That’s good,”. I want to start with the abuse charges first. That of a friend of yours. You were visiting him, and what happened then?”
“Who, me?” Gawin asks.


A difficult childhood and a troubled mind caused him to depend on medication and psychological assistance throughout his entire adult life. By way of experiment, he had recently stopped taking his medication for a while. Just to see how he would react. He did not say anything about it to the supervisors of his living group. He secretly flushed them through the toilet. He could manage without those weird pills. That he lost the plot twice during this medication free period and abused his best friend and even his own sister, he dismisses as a coincidence. ”They were complaining.”

“Everyone always thinks they know what’s best for me,” says Gawin.
“Don’t you think that your sudden aggression has anything to do with you not taking your medication?” Asks the judge.
“Are you starting as well?”
“I’m not here to interfere, but your friend and your sister seem to be people who want the best for you,” says the judge.

Gawin nods. “Especially my sister,”. “I apologized for that. With some flowers.”
“And what did she say?” Asks the judge.
“She was not ready for my apology yet,” she said.
“Hopefully she will be soon,” says the judge.
“Yes, maybe,” says Gawin. “But without the flowers. That opportunity is gone.”

The judge smiles. To impose a prison sentence on him seems pointless. With medication and the right help, chances are that he will never return again. He has since than started taking his medicines again. Under the supervision of the staff. But in order to motivate him to continue to do so, the judge imposes Gawin a conditional forty hours of community service.

“If you behave, you won’t even notice it,” says the judge, “That’s if you keep taking your medication of course.”
“Yes, yes, yes, yes” Gawin grumbles.


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