In front of the judge – I’m going to shoot you

In front of the judge – I'm going to shoot you

I’m Going To Shoot You!

Shoot – That moment when an officer has to pull his weapon is a moment he will never forget. The young officer who attended the case today agrees.

“It made a deep impression on me, Madam,” he says from behind the hall. “Otherwise I would not have been here.”

The person who had the gun aimed at him seems less impressed. Gregory (35) sits in his chair, laughing. He turns to the officer. “Hey, I’m sorry man, it was just a joke,” he says with a Surinam accent and with a broad grin on his face that instantly destroys the credibility of his regret.


The police come into action after a report of a big fight in Amsterdam. People involved attacking each other on the streets with baseball bats and other weapons. When the officers arrive, they try to assess the situation as quickly as possible and arrest the biggest troublemakers. Then they hear someone shouting behind them.

“Hey, I’m going to shoot you!”

One of the agents turns around and sees a man standing in a red jogging suit. The man moves his right hand casually to his waistband. As if he was trying to grab a hidden firearm from there. The officer does not doubt a second and immediately draws his own weapon. Then a broad smile appears on the face of the man. He puts both hands in the air.

“Hey, calm man, I’m just kidding, right?”

Gregory starts to laugh again now, at his own joke. Of course he did not have a gun. He was a little intoxicated, that’s all. The way he was subsequently arrested and locked up did not, according to him, make any sense. Heavily exaggerated. Out of anger, he had smashed a camera off the ceiling in a hallway of the detention center. That’s also why he is in front of the judge today: vandalism.


The fact that Gregory is laughing almost continuously while handling his case does not make his lawyer’s work any easier. According to her, her client does regret and laughs mainly because of the tension and the nerves. The man still has a conditional prison sentence of a week that could become unconditional after this incident. And that would be disastrous for Gregory because he finally has a permanent job. She urges the court to take this into account.

The public prosecutor would like to respond to this. Demonstrative she leafs through a pile of papers.

“It is not the first time that the suspect is here. Honestly, I think that we should gradually take less of misters needs into account, and more with the police officers with whom he continuously seeks the confrontation. ”

The cop in the hall nods, Gregory laughs. His sense of humor is not only inscrutable, it is even punishable. He has to do 100 hours of community service, mandatory probation supervision and the conditional prison sentence of a week becomes reality. Gregory shakes his head. He can not laugh about that.

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