In front of the judge – A woman’s liberation

A woman's liberation - in front of the judge


A woman’s liberation – The passages that the judge reads aloud from the file, work for Nida (25) as a time machine. Immediately it’s in her head again. Early February, at around two at night. There is the car of her boyfriend, in that deserted parking lot. Even with the little light, she recognizes Oualid immediately. She cannot see who the girl is with whom he is kissing.

“Were you angry?” Asks the judge. A woman’s liberation

She was angry yes. Very angry. They were together for nine years, Nida and her Oualid. Nine years. And then you suddenly get a phone call. Someone had seen him in the cinema, with a girl. And they did not seem to be interested in the film either.

He did not answer his phone, of course, he did not answer his phone, but others did. Via friends Nida quickly found out more. Then she called a friend who was at her door with her car within ten minutes. Together they drove into the night, looking for Oualid.


‘I may have hit her’

“But were you angry with her too?” The judge wants to know. “Or maybe jealous?”

“I was furious at him, not at her,” says Nida.

“But you opened the car door open on her side?”

“Because I happen to run from that side, I think, I did not think about that.”

“And you also hit her, she claims,” says the judge.

I may have hit her, but that was not the intention.”

Nida talks remarkably softly. She seems a quiet type. It is difficult to imagine that this chubby little girl storms into a car in blind fury, slams the door open and starts punching wildly. But she was. She won’t deny it.

She was furious.

Her punches were meant for Oualid and he understood why. He did not file a report. The girl he was with however did. She did not know Nida. She had no idea who the hysterical savage was who half on her and half over her tried to punch her lover, who was sitting in the car next to her, on his mouth.


Nida hopes for a little understanding today. The judge and the officer are both women, maybe that helps.

Punching someone was not the best solution, she knows that, but come on: catch your friend cheating on you in the act, if you have been together for over nine years, what would you have done? Talk about it?

However much understanding the judge may have, she can not leave the woman’s actions unpunished, a small fine of 250 euros and it’s entirely conditional.

“Are you still with him?” Asks the judge when Nida gets up from her chair.

“What do you think?” Nida smiles.

The judge smiles back.


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