In front of the judge – My wife is worse than al Qaida

In front of the judge my wife is worse then al Qaida

al Qaida

al Qaida – Every day, judges attend cases that are not shocking, but often recognizable. Like this one.

You beat your wife, she claims. “What do you have to say?” Asks the judge.
“That’s not true,” Edwin (47) says eagerly. He looks at the judge like to a traffic light that is about to jump on green any moment now. Can he finally start talking? Countless times he tried to tell his side of the story, the story in which he was not the aggressor, but she was. but no one listened. “talk,” says the judge.

Then Edwin lets it all out. Their marriage had been broken for a long time. That they still lived under the same roof had everything to do with money and nothing with love. He slept in the attic, his wife, and the two children a floor lower. Also during the day the, spouses tried to avoid each other. There were entire schedules for it. Everything to not make the bomb explode.


Exactly according to the arrangements, Edwin stayed away from the house on Sunday evening until ten o’clock. When he returned home, the living room was abandoned. He laid down on the couch and fired up his laptop to start working. At that time the door opened at the top of the stairs. She stormed down with a telephone bill in her hands, but Edwin could not make much of her story. She was hysterical.

“She started screaming again that I went to visit some whores. She accused me of doing that more than once even in front of the children. Dad goes to his whore again kids, she sometimes said when I left the door. This time she had found a phone bill. According to her, I spend massive amounts of money on other women. The money she would be entitled to. Also nonsense. There are no other women. ”

“When I read the file,” says the judge, “I got the impression that your wife is frustrated. Is that right?” al Qaida
“She’s worse than Al-Qaeda!” Edwin improves her. “It was pure terror at our home.”


Of all the accusations, he tried to pay as little attention as possible but this time it did not stay with accusations. Not that night. She threw his phone across the room, wiped his laptop off the table and then attacked her husband. “Look, he’s killing me, he’s killing me!” She yelled at their minor daughter standing at the top of the stairs. “Your father beats me! Look!”

“Did you beat her?” Asks the judge.
“I did not beat her. Not really. I warded her off. What else could I have done? ”

According to him, that is where those red spots on her arms come from. because of her own, not him. With his one hand he defended himself from his wild swinging woman, with the other he called the police. They came right away. Less than an hour later Edwin was already staring at the ceiling of his police cell. Women who beat men, apparently the police don’t believe that so easy.

“As a man in this country, you’re just screwed,” Edwin concludes discreetly.
“Do you know what?” says the judge. Edwin is silent. “I’m going to release you.”
“What?” Says Edwin while his eyebrows make a jump of joy.
“I believe you.”


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