funny gas smell leads police to finding and seizing 140 kilo cannabis

Gas smell cannabis

Neighbors smell gas – 140 kilo Cannabis gone

They say that trailer park residents live in a cannabis car. And indeed it’s often price for the police when they raid a trailer on a trailer park. A Similar thing happened in a trailer park in the Netherlands last Friday, though the cause of the discovery is a bit sad.

Trailer Park

Cannabis and trailer parks are as interconnected as yin and yang it seems. The times that the police did not even dare to raid the residents of a trailer park are long gone, so these are scary times for the mobile fellow with cannabis ambitions.

Trailer parks are still being used on massive scale to cultivate cannabis. This showed by the incident that occurred last Friday in the town of Haelen in Limburg. There was indeed an amount of cannabis to get!

Gas Smell

But first we reveal the cause of the unexpected police visit. For it is a rare and very unlucky. neighbors called the fire department in a panic because of the gas smell that surrounded them.
With the gas, however, was nothing wrong according to the firemen. But they did smell something else, something they described as a “pungent odor”. The fire department informed the police about their findings and that’s when the investigation started.

‘Significant amount’

The police tore off and went on the trailer park, because as I said the times that the police only came and asked if there was anything wrong is over. The pungent odor was found coming from a shed nearby. Inside were two men and a woman cutting the weed while they socialized.

When the three cutters noticed the cops they decided to leg it. But their condition could not match that of the officers, and all three were eventually arrested and brought to prison.

In the shed, they found up to 140 kilo of cannabis, cut and ready to be sold. “A significant amount”, police said. The total value of the cannabis comes to around €600.000.

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