German teenage killer Marcel Hesse arrested in snackbar (Update)(Graphic)

german killer Marcel Hesse

Marcel Hesse

The nineteen-year-old Marcel Hesse, who is suspected to have killed the nine-year-old Jaden earlier this week,  by stabbing him forty times in the German Herne, was arrested. He reported himself to a snack bar in the german city of Herne. A little further down the road a house was on fire. In the house the remains of a man were found.

The video contains some of the conversations that Marcel Hesse has had with one of his friends after he committed the murder. All of it is in german but to sum it up. He shows pictures of the weapons, himself, his hands, the boy he killed. Talks about how he has to escape from the police and leave his house. He also ask’s his friend wich method of suicide he thinks is better; taking a toaster in to the bath or a CO2 poisoning. His friend jokingly response; Both. I think you get the picture.

Earlier reports from the police last night reported that two more bodies have been found. That has now been corrected. According to local residents, the remains of the burned house were the remains of the home’s occupant. Hesse himself arrived at the snack bar that night with the message “. Please call the police, they are looking for me,” Facing the police Hesse stated that there was  a house on fire, down the road. Police discovered the remains of the occupant in the house. On the images you can see how a bloodied mattress is brought out of the house.


The family of the murdered boy has been informed by the police on the arrest of Hesse. According to police, the family is relieved that the suspect was arrested alive and they hope that he will get his deserved punishment.

german killer Marcel Hesse

Monday Hesse had lured the nine-year-old Jaden under false pretenses into his home. There he killed the nine-year old by stabbing him over forty times. He uploaded pictures of the boy, himself and the knife he used to kill the boy with on Darknet. He also made a selfie with the knife that he used to kill Jaden. When police were tipped off that these images were posted online, they began a day-long manhunt for Hesse.


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