German police officers arming themselves with weapons of war


German Police

German Police – After the terrorist attacks in Paris, the police in Hamburg purchased for €4.5 million in military equipment. According to the newspaper “Die Welt” police forces in other German states will make a similar investments. Hamburg police bought armored vehicles, bullet proof vests, helmets and assault rifles.


According to “Die Welt”, the justification for the purchase was the fact that the standard equipment of the Hamburg police would have not been sufficient had the terrorist attacked in Hamburg instead of Paris. The terrorists in Paris were armed with heavy assault rifles of Eastern European origin. The body armor could not withstand ammunition from AK-47 rifles and available vehicles would not have provided adequate protection.

Survivor armored vehicle

Centerpiece of the Hamburg police force is now the Austrian build, Survivor armored vehicle. six meters long, ten tons and equipped police blue livery. The price, you ask? half a million euro’s each.


About 70 agents are going to have daily access to heavier and more powerful firearms. The idea is that in case of a terrorist attack adequate firepower can be on site fast. Regular police officers will be provided with a Haenel assault rifle. Officers in Hamburg in some cases already, like Dutch officers own an MP5 submachine gun. Neighbouring country the Netherlands wants to make a similar investment in their police forces for the purchase of heavy weaponry to combat terrorists in case of an attack.

Police in the Netherlands, Have seen a huge increase in shootings that involve heavy assault rifles.


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