German teenager kills young child and brags about it on the darknet

German Teenager

German Teenager

German Teenager – In the basement of a terraced house in the German city of Herne, northwest of Dortmund, the police found the corpse of a nine year old boy last night . Suspect is Marcel H. (image), a nineteen-year-old neighbor of the victim. Marcel would have published video footage on the internet.

In the video recording Marcel H. proudly admits that he killed the boy, whose identity was not disclosed, by stabbing him to death. The video footage appeared on the Darknet, an anonymous, closed part of the internet, in which also drugs and weapons are openly sold. A user of the darknet who saw the video of Marcel, warned the police.


on the regular internet are pictures circulating showing the  remains of the boy, together with the blood-stained hands of Marcel H. The photos were uploaded by Marcel. Police fears that Marcel will create more victims.


Police are hunting for the suspect, who may be armed. He is about 1.75 meters tall, blond and slim. Marcel H. attented at a martial arts school and led a secluded life according to relatives and family members.


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