German man tried to smuggle explosives onto airplane

German man arrested trying to smuggle explosives on airplane


A German man in his 20’s tried to smuggle the explosive TATP onto an airplane in Sweden. He was detained by the police.

The man was arrested yesterday when he wanted to travel from Gothenburg to another European country, reports police spokesman Peter Adlersson. During a regular baggage check, the man got caught.


According to local media, the man had the explosive triacetone triperoxide in his luggage, which is often used by Islamic State fighters. For example, it was used in the terrorist attacks in both Paris and Manchester.

The man himself denies all accusations, however. More details will be released later this week.


Shortly after 2 pm today the prosecutor released the man from custody.

“Research has been done into the explosives he was carrying and the man is no longer suspected of any crimes,”


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