Man hacks prison network in attempt to alter release dates

Man hacks prison network in attempt to alter release dates


A man in the US state of Michigan has tried to get a friend out of prison by hacking a computer system, according to the website The Register. The man managed to install malware on a computer system of the board of Washtenaw County.


27-year-old Konrads Voits created a domain in which he changed the letter “w” for the letter “v”, according to the indictment. He then sent phishing e-mails to officials in the hope that they would click on the links inside the mail. This would enable him to gain access to the county’s computer system and make changes to the administration so that the prison staff would be ordered to set the man free.


He also called civil servants on the pretext of being an IT employee. Voits initially had success: he obtained login credentials of over 1,600 employees. However, the attempt was discovered when he tried to make changes to the system that takes care of the registration of the population in detention. The hacker soon found detectives in front of his house.

Crimes like these carry long prison sentences. Because the suspect has made a deal with the prosecution and has confessed his guilt, he gets a sentence reduction. The 27-year-old will most likely spend the next 10 years in prison.


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