Police find head and legs Swedish journalist Kim Wall

Kim Wall swedish journalist head and legs found

 Kim Wall

Police in Copenhagen, Sweden announced this Saturday morning that on Friday a bag containing the head and two legs of Swedish journalist Kim Wall were found.


Danish dive boat owner Peter Madsen is suspected of killing the Swede. He supposedly cut her body into pieces and thrown it into the sea after he killed her on his submarine. Wall was killed through dozens of knife stabs. The torso of the woman was already found.


The journalist has been missing since August 11th. She had an interview appointment with Madsen.

Police also managed to dredge a bag with clothes, shoes, and a knife. That bag was stocked with metal objects in the hope to weigh it down. The body parts, clothes and knife were found about a kilometer away from the place where Wall was murdered.

Snuff movies

Evidence against Madsen is starting to pile up. In his submarine blood was found. Under his nails was the DNA of Wall, as in his face and in his neck.

Investigators also found Snuff movies on a hard drive that was used by Madsen. Those videos showed images of women who were tortured or strangled and beheaded. The Danish judiciary assumes that these images are real. Such “snuff movies” are hardly ever found by police.

The hard disk was located in the space laboratory where Madsen was working.


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