Police in Barcelona makes record heroin bust

Police in Barcelona Spain makes record heroin bust


The Spanish police seized a total of 331 kilos of heroin this Wednesday. This is more than the total amount of heroin seized in Spain in 2016. The drugs were hidden between a cargo of cement that had arrived in the port of Barcelona by ship from Turkey.


More heroin was also found in the homes of the four arrested suspects. Two of the suspects have the Spanish and Ecuadorian nationality, the others are from the Dominican Republic. Authorities received info about the shipment after 25 kilos of heroin was seized earlier in Badalona. Back then police found another 43 kilos at the homes of the suspects.


According to the Spanish ministry, the heroin was made in Afghanistan. Most of the heroin is being transported from the Netherlands further into Europe. In that country, many larger busts are made sometimes. The bust of 331 kilos in Spain is therefore special.


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