Homeless robber takes off with over 300,000 euros in cash

Homeless robber steals over 300k cash at Paris airport

Homeless Robber

Homeless robber – A homeless person has ‘found’ over 300,000 euros at the airport in Paris and quickly took off after realizing it.

After the homeless man was done searching through the trash cans he leaned on a door. the man realized that the door was unlocked and when he entered he found a room full of money. It turned out to be the office where cash for the ATMs and the proceeds from the stores were stored. The man in his fifties did not hesitate for a second and grabbed two bags full of banknotes with him and disappeared into thin air.


An alarm went off when the man was busy grabbing the money, but security guards of the Charles-de-Gaulle airport arrived too late.

Surveillance footage showed not a skilled thief, but rather a homeless person who stumbled into the room. Later he left the buildings at an accelerated pace.

The thief is a familiar sight in the terminal. The chances that he will be caught is big.


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