Horror clown messed with the wrong kid and gets beat up

horror clown

Horror clown

The “Horror clown” is a thing that used to only happen in the united states. Well some people are just copycat’s because come on it’s funny. One clown in the Netherlands was one of these copycat’s. He put on a clown’s costume and tried to scare little kid’s in the neighborhood but he got the shock of a lifetime when he tried to scare this little man. Luc was walking his dogs together with his younger brother when he spotted a man on the end of the street wearing a clown’s mask.


Taking the dog for a walk

Luc smelled danger and sent his brother with the dogs home. He himself remained standing even after the clown ran off yelling at him. “He shouted: “I’ll catch you, I’ll get you.” He expected, of course, I would run away, but I stepped forward and kicked him a few times. After that I punched him, including in his face. He fell to the ground and cried a few times. Then the clown tried to flee the scene by running behind the houses.

Luc even tried chase the clown but he did not get far. “I was walking on slippers and you do not run as fast with them. I even stepped in dog poo too. But the clown was missing. ” According to Luc it was a grown man.  “Of course I could not see his face through the  mask, but I heard a deep voice. I am 1.80 meters tall, he was slightly bigger then me.”


Luc was not afraid. In his own words. ” I practice kickboxing and MMA and was trained by my father since i was 2 years old. I was a little bit scared, but I would do it again.”

His mother, who later called the police to report the incident, is praising her son. ” I am very proud of him. That self-defense sport is for a reason. His father trained him. I hope that idiot is discouraged to ever do that again. It’s ridiculous to try to scare people this bad. ”

Luc, who attends at the Stanislas College in Pijnacker, had to report sick today. ” My right hand, that I’ve used to punch him is swollen. And that is my writing hand. ”



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