How to blow up an ATM on this weeks money making sunday

how to blow up an atm

Money making Sunday: How to blow up an ATM.

On this weeks money making Sunday we’re gonna learn you how to blow up an ATM machine. Let’s be real skimming is for pussies. Real men blow up an ATM.

Getting the cash out on an ATM machine is becoming a real trend. The banks don’t have any money in their buildings anymore and skimming is becoming increasingly difficult.

Blowing up an ATM is the big brother of skimming. Instead of silent and slow it now goes hard and explosive. BAM! An ATM machine has the cash for the taking. You just have to get it out of there. There are different methods of getting the cash out of an ATM machine but they all come down to two basic methods.

The methods

The blunt axe method:

What do you need? Some duct tape and a grenade. You tape the explosive to the outside of the ATM, pull the pin and get away as fast as you can. This method has the lowest success rate. The damage on the outside will be huge, but the inside and the vault will probably be completely intact. You’ll earn a one way ticket to prison with this one.

ATM machines can pack a punch so you have to know what you’re doing if you want to reach your goal with this method. Instead of using a hand grenade other explosives can be used to such as fireworks.

For the love of god don’t do it this way.

Attack from within method:

This method involves using a highly explosive gas and is not a whole lot more subtle than the blunt axe method. Even with this method it’s still the intention to blow up the ATM with a big bang. The explosive gas is poured in to the machine and brought to ignition which means the explosion will be from the inside. This method gives you a way higher success rate.

What gas should you use?

acetylene gas ATM

The best gas to use is acetylene. But any flammable gas can be used. Just remember that it needs to have the right oxygen/gas ratio to explode. This can be a bit tricky in the beginning but try to get some experience before doing something as big as blowing up an ATM. Most explosions fail because of the wrong oxygen/gas ratio and the wrong amount of gas.

If you want to use an other type of gas look for one that doesn’t need a lot of oxygen to explode. There are plenty out there. You can even mix two types of gas but be careful because you might be biting of more than you can chew.

Security measures

More and more banks take security measures to prevent people from blowing up their ATM’s.
They put extra ventilation holes in the cash machine and use counter gasses that detect when a gas is poured in to the machine. These companies don’t like it when you steal their money. Believe it or not but most of the times the damage to the surroundings of the ATM are bigger then the loot that is taken away from it. Most attempts are done by amateurs and copy cats and they almost always leave without even taking a single dollar.

But when you do manage you got the jackpot. It’s not uncommon for an ATM to have over a $100.000 in them.

Ground rules

We’re gonna start of by setting a few ground rules before blowing up an ATM.

– Don’t ever rush
you’re working with dangerous explosives/gasses and you can die while doing this. If you do things right you’ll be gone in less than 4 minutes and the police won’t be there so quickly.

– Plan your getaway
Do your home-work. You will fail a few times and have to escape without any loot. Just take the loss as a man and plan your next one. If you do get arrested make sure you got that 100k in the back so you got a cool story to tell your grand kids.

– Find the right ATM
Look for an ATM that is out of date. Most of the ATM’s in the big cities have been replaced with safer and stronger models.

Lets get started.


The items that you need:

– A strong kit
– Large bottle of acetylene and oxygen gas
– Car battery with wires (ignition)
– Crowbar (2 should be enough)
– A car or a sledge-hammer (Car is faster)

How to blow up an ATM

Drive up to your selected ATM. Use a strong kit to seal off every place from which your gas can escape. During this time your friend should use to crowbar to break the mouth of the ATM open. Don’t make the hole to big but just big enough to fit the tube that you are going to use when pouring in the gas. Your third friend should wait somewhere safe from the explosion ready to connect the ignition wires to the car battery. Put the tube as deep in as you can and start pouring in the gas. Remember; use the right oxygen to gas ratio and the right amount of gas.

The next thing you want to do is place the ignition wires deep enough so they come in contact with the gas. During this time one of your friends should force entry to the door that leads to the back of the ATM either by car or sledge-hammer. Close the gas bottles and run towards your friend and give him the signal. He will connect the wires to the battery and you will hear a solid bang.

This is the point where you can rush. The explosion woke up everyone in the area and the calls to the police are flooding in.

Run up to the back of the ATM and see if the cash boxes are ready for the taking. You might have to use the crowbar to make a little more room so you can grab the boxes. If you notice that the ATM didn’t blow up the way it should have then run and don’t look back. Try to use as little time as possible and don’t go over the three-minute mark.

When it’s done.

Take the loot and get out of there And enjoy your

If you get caught doing this don’t blame my guide on how to blow up an ATM. You are responsible for your own actions.

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You know a better gas or method on how to blow up an ATM? Make sure to share them below.


    • Hey Eazy, Thanks for commenting on this topic !

      It’s true that ATM’s in the big cities have changed and got ventilation and gas detecting methods.

      That being said a lot of ATM’s haven’t been updated yet and there are still plenty vunerable to this method.

      I wouldn’t suggest using semtex. u can’t control the blast and you’re more likely to blow up the outside then to do any damage to the inside’s.

  1. Howdy! This is my 1st comment here so I just wanted to give a quick shout out and tell you I truly enjoy reading your blog posts. Can you suggest any other blogs/websites/forums that deal with the same subjects? Thanks a lot!

  2. If I might suggest, perhaps a ‘shot charge’, with some explosive being used to wedge open a large enough hole, possibly with a metal projectile for additional damage? Alternatively, using a shred charge could rip the front or back completely off the machine. The other problem comes from whether or not the cash boxes are in the machine, or embedded in the ground, or ‘tube fed’ from inside the bank. If they are in the machine, maybe using a ‘jaw of life’ device, otherwise known as a hydraulic spreader, to open everything up quickly. If done right, the back could be pried off in less than a minute. Further, if you REALLY want to keep things from getting reported, you could consider mapping out all the telephone PBX boxes in a mile of the location, and simultaneously destroying them. Then, at the ATM, you could use a cell jammer, a pretty high powered one probably, to keep cell comms down. I used to use a modified version of a Jacob’s Ladder in a backpack to keep radio and cell comms out for about a mile radius. Damn thing worked great. Anyway, yeah, so that’s my thoughts. Getting away? that’s up to you, but I recommend offroad vehicles with light kill switches on the rears, makes it harder to track.

    • Haha Buster.

      Some ideas can definetly be used. I know that in my region cash boxes are stored in the back of the ATM itself. In this case they are always bolted on to the ground. No tubes for as far as i know.
      The jaw of life could be something really usefull when it comes to getting inside the ATM machine. Some more research in to the force the hydraulic spreader can apply and the materials used to protect the cash boxes in the ATM machine could answer this for us. All i’ve looked at this point was brute force to be honest.

      Killing phone lines seems a bit overkill in an area where a 1000+ people live within a few square km’s. The time you take to do this will just increase the chance of getting caught. A “really really really” strong jammer could buy you an extra minute or so.

      I think getting away is the last and least of your worries. make sure to check out our article on credit card fraud. if you like this article you will definetly like that one as well.

      ThisThinLine !!!


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