How to get away with murder without being caught

How to get away with murder

How to get away with murder.

Almost everyone has watched the movie Snatch and heard the famous words of the powerful London crime lord Brick Top. Cut the body in to six pieces, take out the teeth, cut off the hairs and feed them to the pigs. This is just the “getting rid of the body” part of the murder but what i want to learn you is: How to get away with murder.

Who’s the intended victim:

Family/Wife/Acquaintance: The large number of crimes are committed by someone who is close to the victim. You are connected with this person and will end up in the picture as one of the first. It doesn’t matter if you are someone they suspect of having any thing to do with it or just to hear you out if you know anything.

However this can also be an advantage. If you have a strong alibi and no one knows about any disputes you were having with this person you will be treated as a witness and disappear out of the list of suspects really fast. Your DNA and for example phone calls can all be explained. Just be prepared for some strong interrogation and never change your story.

Remember its not about what they know it’s about what they can prove in court.

Unknown: This is the best victim you could possibly have. There are no ties between you and him, you don’t pop up when they start looking in to their environment and you have no motive for committing the murder.

If you’re smart you’ll pick this one.

How to get away with murder

When to commit a murder.

Don’t act out of anger, love or happiness. Let the thought of killing someone sink in a little. If killing a person is still on your mind after 6 months then you should be safe and your reasons are probably valid.

The best season to commit a murder is during the summer when it gets really hot outside. A body decomposes faster when it’s warm and will make it harder for law enforcement to identify the body. The best time to commit a murder is of course in the very early hours of the day when most people are asleep. remember to not look out of place.

Preparing for the murder.

What weapon are you going to use? This is something that you will have to think long and hard about. There is a whole list of things you can use to kill someone but I’ll give you a few examples:

Committing a murder with poison

  • Gun (Most used)
  • Knife (Possibly, but its harder then you’d imagine)
  • Poison (Silent and efficient, some poisons aren’t even checked for after someone’s death) Arsenic is definetly the way to go if you want to use poison. Learn more: Using arsenic as a murder weapon.
  • Bomb (Makes alot of noise but gets the job done)
  • Hands (Not advisable will leave a lot of DNA)

After you’ve picked your weapon of choice you are going to buy the things you need for the murder. Here are a few tips for buying your equipment;

  • Buy your tools long before you commit the murder.
  • Don’t use items you already owned. Increases the risk of DNA being found on those items.
  • Pay for everything in cash!
  • Throw away receipts as soon as you walk out of the store and burn the shopping bag.
  • Buy suspicious items separately instead of all at once. This can be a dead give away.
  • Try to not buy brands and if you do buy generic ones.
  • Don’t buy anything at your local store but rather in large department stores. Their items are sold to way more people and it’s less likely that they remember you buying these items.

I can’t stretch enough how important it is to buy the proper gear. Don’t be thinking that your smarter then everyone else. Without proper gear you are more likely to leave behind DNA and DNA will get you sentenced.

How to get away with murder

It’s always good to have an alibi.

It’s not needed but it’s always good to have an alibi. Sign up for an event, book a short trip or go to a hotel that doesn’t have any camera’s. Commit the offense in the early hours and return. Just make sure you’re not in the main area of interest when the investigation begins.

Never ask one of your friends, relatives etc to help you with your alibi. They are most likely to wilt under strong police interrogationtactics.

Where to commit the murder.

This is the second step and it’s a real important one. Don’tunderestimate the ability of law enforcement to follow trails.

Leaving behind no DNA at all is almost impossible. Your best pick is to commit the crime in a place that is likely to contain a lot of DNA from strangers. For example, a mall, park or any place that people tend to gather. Law enforcement will be searching for a needle in a haystack.

After you committed the murder.

Don’t, just don’t try to hide or move the body. It’s even better if you don’t touch the body of the victim at all. It doesn’t matter if law enforcement know the crime happened. Spent your time in hiding your connection to the crime.

If you move the body and law enforcement picks up on this trail they will have a geographical area where they can focus their investigation on plus you risk leaving more evidence on the body.

Drop all weapons you’ve used during the crime (at the crime scene) and make your getaway. If you drop the items during your getaway they will have a trail to follow.

The best mode of transportation at this point is a bike. There are no license plates on a bike and you can easily go off road if you need to. You don’t want to be the only car on the road at 3 AM. Wear regular clothes that you would normally wear when you go out cycling, put in some earbud’s and take a fresh pack of cigarettes with you. You can always say you were out of cigarettes and were going getting some. You already dropped the murder weapon so there’s no reason to worry about evidence.

When it’s all done.

Just go on with your daily life and stay away from the TV and newspapers. Law enforcement often uses these kinds of tactics to drive you crazy. If you do decide to watch don’t believing anything that they say.

Don’t brag about your murder, just don’t tell a soul. Not even your imaginary friend. (If you’re already twisted enough to kill someone you probably have one of those)

What to do when you get arrested.

If you do get arrested just don’t say a word. If you did your part right there wont be any evidence and you wont get convicted.

Remember what i said before! Its not about what they know it’s about what they can prove in court. Visit this website if you know you are fucked and need a good lawyer to defend you.

And please dont visit any “How to get away with  murder” article’s from your home pc before commiting a murder.

You know a better way on how to get away with  murder ? Let us know by commenting down below !


  1. Haha, the only way to find out if this is really true is by trying it out isn’t it. Just joking.
    Well written article but you could have spent more time writing the how to kill someone instead of what weapons you could use to kill someone.


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