How to grow cannabis the right way complete guide

how to grow cannabis

How to grow cannabis the complete guide

On this weeks how to I’m going to explain to you how to grow cannabis the right way. Growing cannabis can be a real challenge. you’ll face many problems a long the way and it will test your patience. However when you do manage to do it right the reward is great.

This guide teaches you from A to Z on how to grow cannabis. My personal experience is that practice makes perfect. I tried it several times before it actually went right. And even know there’s plenty more to learn for me. I suggest you to join a community to keep updated with all the new information about growing weed. I suggest you join Rollitup which is a forum that focuses on how to grow cannabis.

This guide is made for the home grower who wants to grow a few plants for personal use. I am not going to explain you how to grow cannabis on an industrial scale because if you are planning on doing this you probably already know how to grow cannabis.

If you want to read a guide on how to avoid being caught when growing cannabis you can click here Avoid getting caught when growing cannabis.

Where to grow?

cannabis grow tent

Every house has a suitable room that can be made in to a growing room. There are however two options.

Your first option is to re design a room and use the entire space for growing cannabis. Your second option is to buy a so-called “grow tent”. These tents are made specifically for growing cannabis.

– it’s cheap
– Easy to set up and easy to break down
– different sizes (So you can decide according to how many plants you want to grow)

– Noise (In a tent you can’t control the sound as good as in a growing room)
– light (A lot of light is visible when you open the tent)
– Harder to control the climate inside the tent (bad isolation)

It’s up to you to decide which one is the right for you.

Preparing your grow room

This is the part that is going to take a lot of time. If you decided to buy a grow tent I am not going to bother you with this one. If you however decide to build your own grow room then this topic is really important for you.

clean empty room

You’re going to start off by cleaning the (EMPTY) room. Make sure the entire room is clean and don’t miss anything. Then your going to clean the room with a good disinfectant to prevent bacteria and fungus. Use plenty of water and make sure you don’t miss a single spot. Make sure the room is dried thoroughly before you start.

Purchasing materials needed

Prepare for the longest list in your life. All the material can be bought at your local grow shop and the construction market. The store owners can definitely give you some advice on how to grow cannabis.

I am not going to mention the basic materials such as a drilling machine and screws. I expect you to know how to build something and what materials are needed. This is to prevent this subject from being even longer then it already is.

grow shop cannabis

Special equipment such as light will get a more detailed explanation in the next topic.

In the next topic you’ll see an instructional video on how to set everything up.

  • Curtains (Prevent people from seeing whats going on in the inside)
  • Fire board (To build certain structures and seal windows)
  • Sealing rings (Air in/out let)
  • Acoustic Foam (To prevent noise pollution)
  • Rock wool plates instead of polystyrene Plates (Fire retardant and noise reducing)
  • PVC, Anti detection and black & white foil (Leaking, Detection and reflection)
  • Air pump (Circulating fresh air)
  • Sound muffler (To prevent noise pollution)
  • Charcoal carbon filter (Filter the smell of weed out of the air)
  • Sockets with earth connections (Fire and short circuiting prevention)
  • Electronic climate control unit (To control climate in the room)
  • Light’s (To grow the plants with)
  • Water barrel
  • Water pump
  • Garden hose + Spray nozzle
  • Circulation Pump (Mixing nutrients in the water)
  • Heating element (to keep water temperature constant)
  • Wide pots 16L with holes in the bottom (as many pots as plants)
  • Small pots (18cm wide – 15 cm high)
  • Good quality soil
  • Nutrients
  • Weed seeds or cuttings (Female)
  • Timer switches (Must be able to handle high levels of electricity)
  • Hygro thermometer (Measures the temperature and humidity)
  • pH/EC level meter
  • Circulating Fan

Building your grow room

This video explains you how to set up your grow room from start to end. Some details are not included in the video and will be explained underneath.


There are a dozen different lamps that can be used to grow cannabis. Every single one of them has their own benefits. It is again up to you to decide which lamp is suitable for your use. Remember lamps have a life span measured in light hours. Take this in to consideration when purchasing a lamp.

There are two main types of light being used when growing cannabis. The first one is High pressure sodium lamp and the other one is LED. LED uses less electricity than HPS lamps which is useful when you are trying to avoid detection. If you grow in a tent it’s smart to use a LED lamp because of the bad isolation in a growing tent. If you grow with LED you’re going to get less weed out of your plant so keep that in mind as well.

High Pressure Sodium HPS Light

Remember that there are different lights being used for the growing and flowering stage. During the flowering stage you’re going to use a HPS lamp and during the growing phase you want to use a HPI-T Lamp.

Because most people use HPS lamps I’m going to give you a calculation on how many light’s you are going to need.

Ideal surface (HPS/HPI-T)
HPS lamp 250 W – 75×75 cm
HPS lamp 400 W – 100×100 cm
HPS lamp 600 W – 130×130 cm

Air circulation:

Good air circulation is vital for your cannabis plants. The plants must breath, evaporated moisture has to be dispensed and the heat of the lamps must be dis pursed.

You need a good air pump to circulate the air inside your growing room and you need a charcoal carbon filter to prevent the strong smell of cannabis from leaving your house through the air pump. A sound muffler is placed between the external opening and the air pumps exhaust. The muffler will filter the sound of the air pump. 

vortex inline fan

Your air pump and carbon filter should be able to clear as much air as your lamps has watts. This is a standard rule. It’s useful however to have an air pump and filter that can clear 10 – 20% more air because of the hot summer months. Never let an air pump run at less than 30% of its capacity. The pump uses the air being moved to cool the engine with. If you do run an air pump under 30% of its capacity it can’t cool itself and will eventually catch fire. 

If you use LED lights you can buy a smaller air pump.

PH/EC Meter:




The pH level is important for the cannabis plant because if it doesn’t have the right level the plant wont absorb the nutrients in the water completely.

You will be buying soil that has the right pH value for growing cannabis plants. The best pH value for your plants is between 5,8 and 6,3. It’s not a huge disaster if you’re off by a little bit but the right pH level will definitely allow your plants to perform better.

Water from the tap usually has a pH level of around 7 which is quiet high. Adding nutrients to this water will lower the pH level. If you’re pH level is to high you can add a few drops of vinegar to your water and if the pH level is to high you can give a little bit of diluted soda to your plants.

If you want to learn more about adjust the pH levels of your soil/water you can do so by clicking here

Start growing


how to grow cannabis

The first step is to germinate your female cannabis seeds. If you have bought cuttings you can skip this step. Below is a schedule of all the important things laid out for you. Follow this because it’s vital for the strength of your cannabis plant.

Take two plates and place cotton wool on the bottom of the plate. Make the cotton wool moist and place the seeds on top of the cotton wool. You are going to make another cotton wool moist and place it on top of the seeds. After that you are going to place another plate upside down on top of the other plate. Keep the cotton wool moist. The seeds should germinate within 10 days.

Temperature: Steady 20 degrees Celsius.
Humidity: 80% +
Water: Keep the cotton wool moist but don’t overdo it. Water must always be at room temperature.
Nutrients: None.
Light: None, Away from direct light.

Seedling stage (1-3 weeks)

seedling cannabis








After the seeds started to germinate you should place the seeds 5mm deep in the small pot filled with soil. The root of the plant should be placed faced down. You can turn on the lights and switch on the air circulation. After 3 to 7 days you should see the plant coming out of the soil. You shouldn’t use nutrients these first days but a root simulator could be useful after the plant has surfaced. If you use too much nutrients your plants can die so don’t overdo this. Make sure your small plants have enough water and are not drying out.


The tiny plants are still fragile. They must get used to the warmth and light. For this reason you should hang the lights around 1 meter above the plants.

After about a week you will see the plants have grown 5-10cm and the roots are now stable enough to be transferred in to the big 16L pot. Fill the large pots with soil (Don’t press the soil down) and make a hole big enough for the soil of the small pot. Squeeze the small pots on the sides until it’s starting to let loose. After that you can turn the pot upside down. Transfer the plant and give it 200ml of water. Never throw the water over the plants but pour it on the sides.

Temperature: 28 degrees Celsius when the lights are on 20 degrees when turned off.
Humidity: 70-80%
Water: According to needs the first weeks. After transferring 200ml a day.
Nutrients: Root stimulant after the plants have surfaced and grown their first leaves. (7-12 days)
Light: HPI-T light 1 meter above the plants. (18 hours light, 6 hours dark)

Vegetative stage (3-5 weeks)

In the vegetative state the plants start to grow in size fast. The plants are used to the warmth and the light at this point and you can change the height of the lamps to around 50cm above the plants. Make sure this remains 50cm during this period. If its less the plants might burn because of the heat. Place a revolving fan inside the growing room and point it toward the plants. This will improve air circulation.

After a maximum of 5 weeks you should see white string coming out of the pits of the plant. At this point you’re going to switch over to the flower stage of the cannabis plant.

Male or female?: It’s very easy to spot if you have a male or female plant. You should always keep an eye on this because your male plants can fertilize the female plants and this will ruin your female plants. Below is a picture of the difference between a male and a female plant. If you notice that one of your plants is a male throw it out as fast as you can.

Male or female cannabis plant

Temperature: 28 degrees Celsius when the lights are on 20 degrees when turned off.
Humidity: 60-70%
Water: between 0,1 and 0,3 Liter a day. According to needs.
Nutrients: Growing nutrient according to nutrient schedule. (See image below for an example)
Light: HPI-T light. Always 50cm meter above the plants. (18 hours light, 6 hours dark)

Flowering stage (7-8 weeks)

cannabis flowering stage

At this point you’re going to want to switch on the air exhaust. The cannabis plant is starting to produce a huge smell and you definitely do not want your neighbors to notice what you are doing. You also need to switch to the HPS light which is better for the flowering stage of a plant. The composition of the nutrients will change again. Look at the schedule to see what nutrient your plants need now and how much.

growing schedule

The light cycle switches from 18 hours light to 12 hours light. The humidity in the room should be changed to around 40-50%. the plants will only get 300ml of water every second day. Because you water the plant only every second day the humidity level will decrease. To further decrease the humidity in the room you will set the air pump to pump out air at a faster rate.

Temperature: 28 degrees Celsius when the lights are on 20 degrees when turned off.
Humidity: 40-50%
Water: 0,3 liter water every second day.
Nutrients: Flowering nutrient according to nutrient schedule.
Light: HPS light. Always 50cm meter above the plants. (12 hours light, 12 hours dark)

The weed will be ready for harvesting when the little white hairs on your buds have grown to a brown color. If you harvest when 50-70% of the hairs have darkened you will have the highest levels of THC. when you wait for 70-90% of the hairs to have darkened your plant will have a more calming effect.

Harvesting & Drying

Harvesting and drying your weed are the last steps in your adventure. All your hard work should have paid of. Most amateur growers make a huge mistake here. If you don’t dry your weed under the right circumstances your weed will smell like fresh-cut grass.

Because a video says more than a 1000 words:


I understand that the subject “how to grow cannabis” will raise a lot of discussion. This is my method of growing cannabis and it worked for me. If you decide to grow cannabis you will find things that you would do different. There’s no such thing as the best way to grow cannabis. Cannabis cultivation keeps developing and so will you. Growing cannabis can be a pain in the ass from time to time and i believe that practice makes perfect.

If there is anything you want to share with everyone about how to grow cannabis then do it down below in the comment section. If you found mistakes in this article or like to point out things that you think should be done different then make sure to let me know. I will look in to them and if I consider them true I will change them.


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