How to make GHB at home good quality and cheap

How to make GHB

How to make GHB at home for cheap

Today I’m going to learn you how to make GHB. GHB also called liquid XTC or it’s chemical name Gamma Hydroxybutyrate is a substance that can be found in your own body in very small amounts. The effects of GHB depend on the amount you take. If you take just enough you will have a relaxed and open feeling. The problem, however, is that the difference between a pleasant feeling and the doses which overwhelm you and potentially kills you is very small.

Again I want to start off by saying that this information is only for educational purposes. It’s not meant to be done at home. I am not responsible for any damage that’s caused when using this guide. The use of this “How to make GHB” guide is entirely at your own risk! This goes for everything that’s on my website.

Let’s get started with How to make GHB.

What is GHB?


GHB is a substance that’s used as a narcosis in hospitals or its prescribed to people with certain sleeping disorders. GHB has two main ingredients. The first one is GBL. GBL is used as a cleaning solution. The other ingredient is NaOH and is used most of the time as a drain cleaner. Both ingredients are dangerous chemicals and on their own, they can/will be deadly.

The risks of using GHB:
– Cessation of breathing
– Unconsciousness
– Vomiting
– Choking in your vomit
– If made incorrect the chemicals can damage your mouth, esophagus and other vital organs.

If you want to read more about the dangers you can do so by clicking here.

Equipment needed to make GHB

sodium hydroxide GHB

Stainless steel saucepan. (Take a stainless steel one because the chemicals will burn every other metal and this leaves you with tiny metal fragments in your GHB)

Measuring cylinder from glass. Again take glass because of the same reason as the pan.

Stainless steel fork or spoon to stir the mixture with.

– A funnel.

– A thermometer that’s not made out of plastic and can measure to 200 degrees Celsius.

– A lab wash bottle

– 120 ML of GBL ( A bit more expensive but also available almost everywhere, 0,5 liters of this stuff will set you back around $50. Only buy GBL that is 99% pure.

– 63 grams of NaOH (This can be bought on the internet, it will set you back around $15 for a kilogram)

PH indicator paper (Also called PH test strips)

– 2 bottles of distilled water

– Citric acid or vinegar

How to make GHB

I wanted to start off with a warning to the people who are actually going to make GHB. The risk involved in making this are huge. If you, for example, don’t dissolve the GBL correctly in the mixture you will have shit on a stick. GBL is twice as potent as GHB. If you decide to make GHB I will advise you to test the GHB that you made with a PH indicator paper because it’s cheap and it can save your life. This part will be included in the guide so don’t skip that particular step.

Everything will be explained in steps because this way it’s less likely for you to miss a step. I’ve taken a 120 ml and 63 grams as a starting point to make sure my calculations on quantities were right. You can always scale things up of course.

Let’s get started!

1) Clean everything that you bought properly.

2) Pour 120 ml of GBL in the saucepan. You’re gonna fill the now empty GBL bottle with 0,5cm of distilled water, put the cap back on and shake the bottle thoroughly. Pour the water in the GBL bottle back in the saucepan.

wash bottle GHB

3) Take the lab wash bottle and fill it up with 160 ml of distilled water. At this point, you’re going to add the NaOH to the wash bottle. The NaOH comes in grains/pellets and this has a good reason. This chemical will heat up the water and if you happen to pour the entire 63 grams of NaOH in the wash bottle the water might start to boil. You’re going to take 10/15 pallets each time and put them in the wash bottle. After you placed the pallets in the bottle you’re going to close it and shake until the pallets are completely dissolved. You will do this until the entire 63 grams of NaOH is dissolved in the distilled water.

4) Turn on the range hood in the kitchen. Place the saucepan with the GBL on the gas stove and turn on a low fire. Take the thermometer and place it in the pan. Gently heat up the GBL to a 100 degrees Celsius. When it reached 100 degrees you can go to the next step.

5) Take the wash bottle with the NaOH and spray a little bit of the mixture into the saucepan. The mixture will start to boil even more violent than before. If this is not the case you either didn’t heat the mixture up to a 100 degrees Celsius or the chemicals you used aren’t right. Take the stainless steel fork or spoon that you bought and start stirring the mixture until it doesn’t bubble as much. You can turn off the gas at this point because the reaction of the two chemicals will create their own heat. Keep adding little bits of the NaOH mixture to the pan and make sure that you keep stirring.

6) Once the entire NaOH mixture is added to the pan you’re going to take the PH indicator papers. Dip the back of the stainless steel fork or spoon into the mixture and apply a drop of it to the PH strip. If the PH level is around 7 you are done with this step. If the PH level is higher than 7 you’re going to bring the PH level down. This can be done with either citric acid or vinegar. Keep adding tiny drips of citric acid or vinegar to the mixture and stir it around for a while until the PH levels reaches around 7.

The downside of using vinegar is that the GHB will start to taste like it. Citric acid, on the other hand, tastes much better.

7)At this point, we’re going to purify the mixture to make sure we dissolved every bit of GBL. You’re going to do this by boiling the water at a 150 degrees Celsius until it stops bubbling. This will take around an hour. Don’t turn the fire to high and keep stirring the mixture. If you turn the fire to high the mixture might burn. You will start to notice that mixture becomes thicker and viscous. You might even notice some white crystals forming across the edge of the pan. That’s the GHB. Once the mixtures stop bubbling you end up with pure, molten GHB in your pan. (Around 200 grams)

How to make GHB

8) Now we’re going to bring the mixture back to a liquid form. You’re going to take the rest of the distilled water and bring it to a boil. It’s important that you use hot water because if you use cold water the mixture becomes rock hard and you’ll need another hour making the mixture soft again.

Pour a small amount of the hot distilled water to the GHB mixture and start stirring. We do this to make the mixture less viscous than it was before. Pour the GHB mixture into the empty distilled water bottle and add another small amount of warm distilled water to the saucepan that you used to make the GHB. This is to make sure you get all of the GHB that’s in the pan. Add the scraps that came from the saucepan to the distilled water bottle that’s filled with the GHB mixture.

Add the rest of the boiling distilled water to the bottle with the GHB mixture until you reach the 1 Liter mark. At this point, you got liquid GHB with a concentration of around 1 gram per 5 ml. If you want to make higher concentrations of GHB you should add less water.

9) You are now done and should have a bottle of high-quality GHB. All that rests is to clean all the materials that you used properly to remove the remaining chemicals from them.


At this point, you can enjoy the GHB that you made. Make sure to use it responsibly and share your results with us down below. I’ve spent a long time writing this article so there might be some mistakes that I’ve made along the way.

If you notice a mistake or if you know how to make GHB better ? again make sure to share them below!


  1. Thanks for the guide!
    Step nr.7 – do you keep the mixture at a temperature of 150 degrees Celsius the whole hour? And does one have to keep stirring the mixture at all times?

    • Hey Psy,

      Sorry for the late response. Family matters have been taking up my time.
      Yes, the idea is that you keep the mixture at 150 degrees celcius while stirring it untill it has stopped boiling (This will take around an hour). Don’t put the fire to high because this will cause the mixture to burn.

      This is a time intensive process and skipping this step will result in bad quality etc. This step is to purify the existing mixture.

      If you have any more questions just ask them,


  2. Thanks JD!
    I wonder if you could use a small milk frother for the stirring or it would add too much air into the mixture?

    I’ve read elsewhere glass is recommended for cooking and mixing purposes as the NaOH will react (maybe just a bit) even with stainless steel. I don’t know if that is correct.. Also could the lab wash bottle react with the NaOH?

    Do you think demineralized water would be good enough or would you always go for distilled water?

    Lastly, I’ve seen it recommended to get the PH level at around 8 as a weak base for the final product as it will then inhibit conversion to GBL again?

    • As far as the milk frother my advice is to not do it. You don’t know what kind of materials were used for making the frother and the chemicals might react, brake down the materials inside or even destroy the frother. It will speed up the proces but you will end up taking way to much risk. If the frother happends to have materials in them which are braken down by the chemicals inside the mixture you can get some of those chemicals inside your end product (wich you don’t want) !!!

      I indeed prefer to use glass for cooking. To be honest i don’t know how the NaOH reacts with stainless steel but i’ve decided to let people use stainless steel (if it does it is real minimal) because it is way cheaper then using expensive glassware and it leaves room for mistakes. Glass is delicate and especially if you work with rapid temperature differences “new” people are better of using stainless steel. I really can’t answer your question on how the NaOH exactly reacts with the stainless steel. I’m sure there is a lot of information about this topic on google.

      The lab wash bottle will react with the NaOH. It’s almost impossible to use glassware for this step because of the rapid temperature differences that happen when using NaOH. You will end up having to add the NaOH pallet for pallet which is way to time consuming.

      You always want to use distilled water in a “laboratry”. if you are interested in knowing why you should google the differences between distilled and demineralized water. Distilled water is typically favoured here as there is almost no impurities.

      As for the PH level there are a lot of different theories. I’ve been using this method for as long as i can remember and it works. Thats why i recommend it. You are more then welcome to try out your own formula’s but try to atleast post the results back here so i can keep tweaking and improving my recipe.

      Hope this answered all your questions 😉


    • Hey Sam,

      I can’t give you any particular websites but you can order all of it from google. For me in Europe there are several websites from germany and belgium that sell and ship the products.
      I don’t know where you are from exactly but i’m sure these items are open for sale as well.

      Just make sure you don’t buy all the items at once as it will make it look suspicious.

      If you like this artcle, make sure to check out our other how-to’s on how to grow cannabis and or credit card fraud.



  3. Thanks for you elaborate answer JD!

    I have bought a pretty tough glass container and will try to mix the water & NaOH in that.

    Sam, NaOH should be easy. GBL – is legit..

    • Hey Psy !

      No problem at all. Keep visiting us because i keep writing these kind of articles.
      I would love it if you would my website with people you think might be interested in it !

      Happy christmas !


  4. One question. You say the lab wash bottle WILL react with the NaOH? Is that a problem? Should plastic be avoided? I would prefer to use plastic as per reasons stated above, I’m just curious if the reaction NaOH has with the bottle will create any impurities or issues with the final product.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Hey Bor,

      What i ment to say was that the NaOH will react what’s inside the wash bottle. Not the wash bottle itself.

      Sorry for my mistake,


    • Hey Bor,

      Sorry, but i can only help you with questions about the actual cooking procedure. I Live in Western Europe and i could order my GBL from neighbouring countries. I don’t know the rules in Canada.
      I’m having difficulty imagining that GBL is illegal in Canada because it’s mostly used as a cleaning chemical for graffiti & rust.

      This link might help you. However i’m not enforcing you to do anything illegal.

      • Thanks, but I read that one already. Also yep, Canada sucks. When it comes to illegalizing anything worth a damn, canada is typically one of the first in line.

        It’s legal to own here, just illegal to import or export and also buy. Having it is perfectly fine though…

        Sure makes a lot of sense, kinda chicken and the egg thing.

        • Hey bor,

          Yes it’s also hard for countries to ban such a substance. I mean it’s main purpose is not to make drugs but to clean.

          try to search a little deeper, i’m sure there are some people who are activly selling this in your country you just have to find that one person.

          I will try to look into this for you and i will post back if i’ve found something.

          Good luck with it and try to post something back for your fellow canadians out there who want to make GHB if you’ve found a place to buy it


    • Legality:
      As of December 2009, GBL has been classified as a Class C drug, carrying maximum jail terms of two years for possession and 14 years for supply.

      • Hey DT,

        Thanks for supplying other readers with information. In my case it’s illegal as well in my country but the my neighbours are free to do with it what they like so we can get it there.
        I know the drug is hard for dogs to detect so it might be an idea to order it from one of those countries if it’s illegal there.

        If any one has idea’s on how to get it in countries such as the US and Canada then let us know.
        I’m sure the readers will appreciate it 😉 !!!


  5. Thank you so much for this easy to follow step by step guide,it is the best one on the net.
    The question I ask is once I have the end result,how many ml do I take?
    Cheers Chris

    • Hey Chris,

      Thanks for visiting our website !

      I’m not so much in to the consumption of GHB so i can’t really suggest you how much you should take.

      I’m sure there are plenty of drug-users forums out there that can i advice you on how many ML’s you should take. Just remember that with GHB you have to consider the potency of the GHB that you’ve made.


  6. Hi mate, I’m ready to cook, I have done quite abit of ghb in my time, just never made my own. I’ve often had people tell me the stuff I’m buying off them is strong and to be careful, only for it to turn out that it barely even effects me …. so I’m just wondering how much should I reduce the distilled water by to make a nice strong mix

    • Hey james,

      It’s easier to change the amount of GBL And NaOH you add to the mixture then it is to add less “distilled water” to gain a more potent product. Mainly because a scale is much more accurate then a human is.
      As i said the two main ingredients to make GHB are GBL and NaOH.

      In the article i said that if you use 120ml of GBL and 63 grams of NaOH and you fill the final mixture up to a total of 1L you end up with a product that has 1 gram of GHB per 5ML.
      If you double the GBL and NaOH you will end up with a twice as potent product.

      I suggest you start of slow with this because overestimating your ability to handle GHB comes with some risks. The most important one you dying.

      ThisThinLine !

  7. Hi – I have done 2 cooks and both have been too weak – the 1st I made the final product only up to 500ml and the 2nd was around 350 ( initially I tried to use a sofa little as possible but it turned into a soapy substance so I rehydrated) ., I’m just really confused about solution strength as I have had GHB where my sweet spot was 2.2-2.5ml but I almost had to double that with the batches I made the GBL is high potency so it’s not wit. My dad strut– to confound things further, most of the recipes I have found simply state ‘add water’ without disclosing how much water to add —

    • Hey Nat,

      i’m struggling to follow what you’re saying in your comment. If the substance turns soapy you definetly did something wrong so i don’t suggest you taking it then.
      With what you’re saying im thinking it’s because of the use of bad ingredients. Make sure you’re using distilled water and the purest forms of GBL and NaOH (Using less pure forms -99,9% NaOH and -99% GBL will cause impurities)

      if you’re using the right ingredients then you might want to do things different in these steps:

      Step 5: Keep the fire turned on when you add the NaOH – Once u get used to the recipe you can do it without but you might be a bit to slow at this point.

      step 7: Make sure you do this right ! if you dont complete this proces your GBL has impurities. This will ruin your entire batch. Cooking at 150 degrees CELCIUS – 1 hour – fire not to high – keep stirring – Only quit when it stops bubbling!.

      This is all i can do for now,

      If you have more time you could write down the entire process and send it back to me to see if i can spot any flaws. Make sure you include a picture of all your ingredients and equipment !


  8. Hi thanks for the read, after missing the gbl and caustic, my ph was high and it took a considerable amount of vinegar to bring it down, is there something wrong with this? It took 350ml of vinegar.

    • Hey anon,

      350ml of vinegar ?!. Sorry for asking but were you making a soup pan full of this stuff ?
      Normally it takes 1-2 tablespoons of vinegar per galon of water to lower the PH level from 8 to 6.5 – 7.0.

      try using white distilled vinegar because i’ve never heard of someone having to use 350ml of that stuff to lower his ph level.

      What were you using to determine the PH level. regular indicator paper or a electrical one ?

      It’s hard for me to determine where the problem is because i’m not there with you but there’s definetly something going wrong.
      If you want you can send me your entire process and i will see if i can spot any flaws !

      Good luck,


  9. Hey !

    Thanks for this recipe.
    When I’m finished I still have a lot of ‘white’ in my saucepan, do you know how I can clear this or use this or do you throw this away?

    • Hey Magnetar.

      I think you’ve missed this part in step 8: …and add another small amount of warm distilled water to the saucepan that you used to make the GHB. This is to make sure you get all of the GHB that’s in the pan…
      The white stuff is ghb if you’ve done the cooking process right. You use the warm distilled water to get every bit of GHB out of the pan.

      Let me know if you need some more information and let us know how your cooking went so other readers can learn from it !


      • Thx for your reply. I did not forget step 8. My first try I finished in microwave and came out better then 2nd try when I stayed with the saucepan. But the white forms on the upper side of the pot. And I added too much distilled warm water in the part that I poured in another can.
        Its all about finetuning.
        Also I found it difficult to maintain the 150 degrees

        • Hey Magnetar,

          100% right. its all about finetuning. you get better at this over time and the only way to really learn is through trial and error.
          Funny you should say that because keeping at a 150 degrees was a real art for me to.

          Good luck on your (Next) batch !


  10. Just a tip I have to offer is to use Visions glass cookware which is not very expensive and can be purchased online. The glass is made of pyroceram which was invented in 1958 and used by NASA for space shuttles as it has the ability to withstand rapid changes in temperature without cracking. Check it out, it’s an extremely worthy investment at around $40 or so depending on the size and model.

  11. Hey JD since I overdosed, or “flopped”, from GHB about 7months ago, I’ve done it any chance that I come across it since then, mainly trying to find the right amount for me. Before the overdose, ( a full shot glass ) I had taken it before a couple of times, and to this day, I can’t seem to “classify” the high, or find the level that seems to make everyone love ghb so much. Other than the few minutes before I lost conciousness on my accidental, and uneducated dosing experience, I never seem to feel much of an effect from G. ( perhaps I’ve been getting low quality stuff, except for the time I od’d??) That’s why I’m so thankful for your advice, and I’ll let everyone know how my first batch goes. I’m just so intrigued by this thing, and I want to know and make it, for myself. Once I get it right, I’ll KNOW that it was made correctly, and be confident in selling it. Thanks again mayte!!!

    • Hey FLOZ,

      I am going to give you my honest advice because i dont want to see any one getting hurt by doing this. My first advice is don’t make it and don’t use it. You’ve seen the list of ingredients; it’s shit. (I know this is falling on deaf ears so here’s my next advice)

      If you are going to take it follow the rules. A bottle cap of a coke bottle should be your max on the first run. It’s very easy to overdose on GHB and that’s exactly what you did by taking a shot glass full of the stuff. Know what you’re dealing with.

      Get your batch lab tested if you can. I know in my country you have the possibility to test your drugs. If you have that luxury as well use it. You’re making it yourself and there’s always the possibility that you did something wrong. Don’t put your body through unnecessary harm.

      Maybe GHB just isn’t for you. I can’t speak out of expirience because i’ve never used it but i’ve seen friends take it and just by looking at them i can tell it’s not my thing. Everyones body responds different to certain types of drugs. maybe you could try something else that suits your state of mind better.

      Thanks for reading our website, Drop us a like on facebook if you want !


  12. CERTAINLY GHB is nothing to “play” with, and I suppose the best advice I know to give you FLOZ is the same advice I give any of my “friends” that are newly testing the waters so to speak-
    I only have 2 rules, but they are indeed LIFE AND DEATH RULES: 1. DON’T EVER DOSE YOURSELF! And I mean EVER! We as humans tend to forget, especially in dealing with mind-altering concoctions, that we can’t control our emotional state of mind as well as we would like to think. … 2. NEVER EVEN CONSIDER re-dosing until at least 45 minutes have passed! !!! The reason being closely related to the reasoning of the first rule, but also because it metabolizes much like alcohol, you have to give your body time to process the ghb through your system. *also note worthy to mention that like alcohol, things like amount of and hours since sleep, and food are also important!*

    • Hey Rere,

      Completely agree with you. I am planning on adding a piece like this to the article because i feel like a lot of people are taking unnecessary risks.


      • Hello JD,

        I recently tried GHB for the first time and really enjoyed the experience. I had never really heard of it prior to that night, so I was wondering if in terms of recreational drug use are the effects on one’s health more dangerous than other ‘party drugs’. I understand the risk of ingesting too much and the combination of substances, but in a controlled environment is it generally safe to use? A friend and I were thinking about doing it again and just wanted to get a little more information on its effects and potential harm beforehand. Thanks!

        • Hey Don,

          I will give you the same answer as i give everyone. It’s bad for you, let’s get that out of the air. It’s a mix of chemicals and taking it is never good for your health. I would consider GHB to be one of the more dangerous drugs out there because it’s really hard to dose and with the use of lets say cocaine or a drug that hypes you up you really have to be carefull. If that “controlled environment” has someone out there that isn’t high at that point then that will make it a lot safer. One of the biggest risks of GHB is that you can stop breathing (This happens when you take way more then you should)

          I don’t know what the dangers of GHB are if you have any body disfunctions (Like a bad heart + cocaine) but i’m sure there’s enough information about that on the internet.

          First tip; don’t do it all. 2nd one; if you’re going to do it just start small and work your dose up if you feel like you need to.

          Greets, ThisThinLine !!!

  13. My experience the first time was horrible had alcohol in my system and took half a cap (20 oz coke bottle lid) had started getting sick and vomited most of the night. Why did thus hapen? have used ghb repeatedly since then and havent had it happen again but I don’t drink alcoholic beverages at all. Use to have to take pain meds and anxiety meds until now. But since using ghb I no longer take them my pain and anxiety are at a minimal. But you have to use responsibly can’t stress yhat enough. Need someone to help me find the cooking instruments along with pictures of them and ingredients so I know exactly what they are to look like. Will science lab instruments be ideal?

    • Hey Mindy,

      Alchol and GHB is the worst combination i suggest you to not do that again. Science lab instruments are definetly ideal but on the other hand they are expensive and not cheap to replace if they break (which will happen at one point). as stated in the article, find the purest form of the ingredients that you can. I believe one is 99% and the other one is 99.9%. If you have trouble finding GBL, i know cleaning companies often have this in stock.


      This Thin Line !

  14. When you say rinse the bottle out with .5 cm of water.. Do you mean 0.5cm as in 5mm? Sounds daft asking but want to make sure you didn’t mean 5cm lol

    • Hey Vinny, yes i do mean 0,5cm (5mm). It doesn’t have to be exact exact. It’s just to make sure you get every bit of GBL out of the bottle. Eventually you’ll boil the rest of the water of so don’t worry about it to much. Just make sure you use a layer of water that allows you to clean the entire bottle of GBL.

      If you want you can read our latest article about credit card fraud !



    • Hey Hoho,

      There is no way for me to say that what you made is “okay”.
      If you want to be sure just get it tested. Im sure there is some sort of service in your area that allows you to test your drugs.

      ThisThinLine !

  15. After years or using this method, what was exhousting when you make larger amounts.
    I came across a old famous ex-junkie/owner of one of the famoust drugtest-centres in Amsterdam.
    He told me about another method.

    Interessting fact; I’m capable of making 10 liters in 1 hour


    The method is based on the “cold method” no heating up products needed!
    Also I never use the 120-63 rule. I use the 1-1-1 rule;

    1ltr bottle GBL
    1ltr bottle dist. water
    1 bottle of 500gr 99% NaoH (the white small balls, never any liquid form!)

    Materials used

    1 stainless steel pan with an diameter of aprox. 25cm, with a lid that has some small holes in it, to let the steam come out
    1 something stainless to stear
    1 oven-glove
    1 heavy blanket or thick beach-towel

    step 1
    500ml dist water in the pan

    step 2
    250gr NaoH in the pan (dont hang above it with your head in the beginning, or try it once.. lol) and stear it till the
    solution is as clear as possible and shows only 1 colour, when you see withe colours still, keep stearing till its all resolved in the water

    step 3
    500ml GBL in the pan, close the lid, throw the towel over the lid (not over the steamholes ofcourse) lift the lid with your hand in the glove
    a bit up and start stearing a bit.. When u stear harder the process starts sooner. You will reconize that suddenly it’s start to react.

    ** important: act quick when hearings first sign of reaction, close the lid quick.. make yourself ready for a hugh pressure that wants to blow
    the lid off. I prefer to do it on the ground so i can put more bodyweight on the lid **

    After the heavy reaction and there is no steam coming out of the pan that much, open the lid, stear it a bit and you will notice
    the fine thick GHB texture (it’s getting thicker when you just let it cool of) and the chemical reaction got rid of all the bad stuff
    in GBL (do not speed up the cooling by a freezer or something, let it just cool of so it has the change to make sure everything that is not 100%
    reacted, turns also in GHB. Freezing stops every reaction! so u end up with possible unreacted GBL, not pretty healthy for your body

    Well that’s it after every liter i make i clean the stainless steel pan with cold water, because after aprox 3-4 batches in 30 minutes the
    stainless steel is keeping a bit heat, and the reaction will be to powerfull to keep the lid on.

    Probably a lot of comments on this method, but my results are always lab-tested. Always pH7,6 – pH7,8 with the compliments of the labguy! 😀

    But fire away with questions or comments!

    • Hey DR. Amsterdam.

      I removed the double post for you ;). I’ve approved this recipe for the people who have a bit more expirience with making GHB because of the amounts of chemicals, etc. My recipe is aimed more at the “Do it at home” people and allows for a little more trial and error. I DO NOT KNOW THE OUTCOME OF USING DR. AMSTERDAMS RECIPE, SO FOLLOW IT AT OWN RISK. try to post the outcome of the recipe back so other people can try it as well.

      Thanks for posting and keeping the comment section active !



  16. Hello,
    many thanks for this info. I just have one question. The only way I can obtain GBL is from grafitti cleaner which has about 85% of GBL and then 3 other chemicals in really small amount. Is it safe to make the GHB from this? And as I understand, the amount of the overall graffiti cleaner would have to be more than 120ml, if its only 85% GBL, right?
    Thank you!

    • Hey, Drasleak

      Short and simple; No in my opinion. If you can find a way to extract the GBL from the graffiti cleaner then I would say yes but using it in its raw form doesn’t seem like a good idea to me. Why ? Because I don’t know if the other chemicals in the graffiti cleaner will get cleaned out during the purifying of the mixture. You run the chance of contaminating your product. it’s already dangerous enough as is.

      If you do decide to do it then yes. The amount of the graffiti cleaner would be more than 120ml because only 85% of the cleaner is actual GBL.

      Good luck !


  17. Hey Drasleak,

    Dou you have, Do you have the possibility to find out what the other chemicals, besides the GBL are there in your product. Like a test-centre or maybe a friend who works in a lab or student with acces to a lab?

    I once got fucked over with a pretty large can of shit. That supposed to be GBL. I’m not someone with a chemical-educated background, but after some erowid/wiki research i found out the boilingpoints of different substances. And i\m not 100% sure but you could google it yourself. I thought GBL starts to boil/burn at 206 degrees celcius.

    So what i did was first make the perfect lye or caustic soda (this proportion i always use with bad GBL) 500ml water and 252mg NaoH. ***ofcourse the 99.9% white small balls NaoH***

    Then I heat up the GBL with a thermometer inside the stainless steel pan. Depends on the other chemicals in it, but my experience is that when i heat it up just above 90 degrees celcius, you’ll notice the steam, ande the strange smell of the steam is rising up out of the pan.

    Don’t do it to long in case of damaging the GBL.. In theory only aprox 14% of the solution must turn into steam. Then let the GBL cool off..

    Then you could use my method i discribbed above, or you can keep the GBL around 90 degrees celcius and take like a stainless steel soup-spoon and slowly add the gbl to the caustic soda and start stearing till all the bubbles and other imperfections are turned into a clean mass. Then another soup-spoon, and so on and so on..

    Because I don’t like to use this method because of the risc to burn stuff during the reaction. I’ll put the pan with the caustic soda in the sink and slowly let the coldwater flow outside the pan so the heatingprocess can be a little controlled..

    Well again for questions.. I’m here! ;-p

  18. I forgor to mention.. only add maximum aprox 500 ml GBL to the caustic soda.. and use (i prefer a digital ph-device) to see whats the ph-value. If you have more gbl left mak again caustic soda with the same 500ml/252gr proporting to finish the rest! 🙂

  19. Thanks guys,

    So I have done some research and was able to found detailed info about the grafitti cleaner and about all the chemicals in it. It turned out that there are 3 more substances other than GBL, 2 can be boiled off, because the boiling points are below 100 degrees celsius for one, and 120 for the second. However, the third substance has boiling point 204 d.c., so it is quite impossible to seperate it from the GBL, but! According to the product info the third substance is a organic dissolvent and it is only about 2% of the cleaner.

    I will probably go for it.
    And dr. Amsterdam, your method seems to make the final solution much stronger, right? Stronger than approximately 1g to 5ml, as it is with JD method.
    And additional question for some of you who is educated in using GHB: is it better to drink the solution as it is, for example those 5-10ml, or put the dose into a glass of water and drink that? I have read about both.

    Thank you very much for your help 🙂

    • Hey, Drasleak.

      I don’t know about the potency of dr. Amsterdam’s recipe. you will have to do the math on that one.
      When it come’s to using I don’t really know what is better to do either. But let’s be honest. its shit you’re taking and your body would probably prefer it if you didn’t take it on an empty stomach. that’s as far as my advice will and can go.

      Good luck with your adventures!

      ThisThinLine !

  20. How much do I take for my sleeping problem? I tried 2 table spoons with your recipe with no results, but don’t want to take too much. Also what do you suggest mixing it in to kill the taste?
    and how long should I expect to be asleep?

    • Hey DK Wason,

      1: I won’t be able to tell exactly how much you need to reach your desired effect. Generally, 2 – 2,5ml, if you weigh 50kg, is sufficient.
      2: Nothing, you can mix it with a glass of coca cola and the entire drink will taste just as bad.
      3: Not! Never use GHB to “Fall asleep”. Ghb brings you into a sort of Coma (when you’ve used too much) and has nothing to do with “falling asleep”

      ThisThinLine !

  21. Im an extract artist in the USA I process butane hash oil but this is something I really want to try.lookimg forward to making my first batch I just have to get ahold of the gbl

    • Hey aromatic, I might write an article about BHO one of these days, if I have any questions I will let you know.
      you can always ask any question you have here and I will try to respond the best I can. I can only advise people on how to get GBL in the EU. Out of that region, I can’t help. If you do find a way of getting a hold of it in America/Canada etc make sure to let us know! I’m sure some of the folks here will appreciate it.

      Thisthinline !

  22. If you’d ever like some tips on making quality BHO let me know if be glad to give you some insight. I may have some more questions when I start to process some ghb so I’ll definitely stay in touch

  23. JD would it be okay to use NaOH that comes in beads or just pellets? Most if the 99.9 % stuff I see online comes in beads.

    • Yes, pallets/beads, it’s all good as long as it is as long as the purity is 99.9%

      Make sure to like & Follow us on Facebook for all the latest crime news.


  24. Rookie question …. Can I use any plastic lab wash bottle or does it need to look like the one you have pictured and is a 250ml one good since the NaOH mixture will be 160 ml

  25. Is citric acid powder okay? Or should I try to find citric acid liquid? Could I just prepare the powder to a liquid and what ratio of citric acid to water would you use

    • Hey Aromatic,

      Sorry for the late response. ill try to answer all your questions here.

      yes, you can use a plastic one. but as I said in the article, go easy on the pallets. if you do too many at once the mixture will boil and your wash bottle won’t survive that. 250ml is fine btw.
      Just use citric acid (liquid). We’re talking about a few drops to adjust the ph. powder would become too much of a hassle to calculate how much you need.

      Good luck on your adventures! Let us know how it went.

      ThisThinLine !


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