How to make napalm perfect quality with household items

How to make napalm


How to make napalmNapalm is a sticky, viscous, combustible mass. It is brown colored and highly flammable. Napalm is a general term for gelatinous fuel. In reality, it exists for
92-96% out of petrol and the other 4-8% of a thickening agent. Because of the thickener the gasoline becomes less volatile and better packageable. Napalm derives its name from the original components that were used as the thickener. The thickening agent consists primarily of naphthenic and palmitic acid .
The sticky gel attaches itself to objects, burns long and evolves to high temperatures above 1000 °C. Because the napalm also sticks to the skin, the product causes severe burns. Furthermore napalm fire also work suffocating. So it is a very dangerous substance. It evaporates, is easy to ignite and it’s composed of a high-density energy.

Over the years there have been dozens of thickeners that were used to make napalm. We’re going to be using Styrofoam as a Thickener. Why you ask ? Because it’s cheap and you probably have an old box lying around with this stuff in it.



There are a few items you’ll need before you can make napalm. It’s a short list and you will have everything you need lying around in your house. However you might need to steal a little bit of it out of your dads cars.

  • Gasoline (Diesel also works)
  • Styrofoam
  • empty plastic bottle
  • Stirring device (If you don’t want to make your spoons smell like gasoline you can also take a small stick)

Here comes the legal crap. Making an incendiary can be illegal where you live so watch out and the smoke that comes from the napalm. You might think it smells like victory but it is dangerous to breathe in so watch out will ya.

How to make napalm

  • Start of by cutting the plastic bottle in half.
  • Fill the bottle with 100-200ml of gasoline.
  • Break the Styrofoam into small pieces.
  • Add the Styrofoam pieces to the gasoline and stir them. (The gasoline will break down the styrofoam and you will notice that the liquid becomes a jelly like substance)
  • Keep repeating step 4 untill you notice that there’s almost no more liquid gasoline left in the plastic bottle.
  • You’re done. What you have is a homemade napalm that will burn a long time and will stick to everything.

You can always tweak this recipe by adding a little bit of benzene to the gasoline mixture but you’ll be making things worse for yourself when shit does go wrong. Remember to don’t blame me when you burn your house down. I only tell you HOW to make napalm, I strongly discourage you to actually go and do it.



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