huge mistakes were made during investigation of missing toddler Madeleine McCann

Madeleine McCann mistakes

Madeleine McCann

In the case of the disappearance of the toddler Madeleine McCann in Portugal in 2007, many mistakes have been made by the police. This is the claim of the former Portuguese detective and chairman of the Child Focus organization in that country, Paulo Pereira Cristovao.

Never found

“Instead of old-fashioned police research, there has been paid too much attention to excessive statements and claims in the first hours and days after Maddie’s disappearance,” said Cristovao to the British newspaper Sunday Mirror. On May 3rd, it was exactly ten years since Maddie disappeared from her holiday destination in the Portuguese city of Praia da Luz. Madeleine McCann is still missing to this day. Her parents left the flat to go to dinner with friends, leaving Maddie behind in their apartment.

Gypsies & aliens

Cristovao is currently chairman of the Portuguese Child Focus Foundation, which is intended for supporting missing and sexually exploited children. He says that over the past ten years too much attention has been paid to complex theories about possible perpetrators. “From gypsies to aliens, who supposedly have kidnapped Madeleine.”

The former chief detective believes that the police should have focused more on forensic research itself, with a smaller team. “You do not need countless agents, in what appears to have been the most expensive research in Portuguese history. About half the globe was looking for the girl because everybody wanted to be the one who solved the case. In that failing search, everything became blurry and we forgot someone, and that was Madeleine McCann. ”

Hidden in caves

Picture of missing Madeleine McCann after image manipulation

Cristovao’s also reveals his own theory about the disappearance of the girl. ‘In the door of the apartment, I started to think where i would take the girl if i were the kidnapper. That is towards the caves outside of the village, an ideal place where detectives have never been because they needed divers to get there. “The Portuguese does not think Maddie’s parents had anything to do with disappearance. We also focused too much on them. ”

The picture above shows Madeleine McCann’s after image manipulation. This is how she would look now.

Over the years hundreds of claims have been made about Madeleine’s fate. Click here to read one of them.




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