Customs India arrested 29 people with gold bars in anus

India customs arrested 29 people smuggling gold bars in anus

Gold Bars

Gold Bars – In total customs found ten kilograms of gold. 

Customs in India managed to stop 29 men who had gold bars hidden in their anus. The smugglers flew on two separate flights arriving in the south of the country last Sunday afternoon. In total, a rough ten kilograms of gold was found spread over 37 passengers. Not all of the gold smugglers put the gold bars there where the sun doesn’t shine. Some had the bars hidden in their hand luggage, or even between their children’s belongings. The total value is estimated at 35,000 British pounds.


Both flights had Colombo airport in Sri Lanka as starting point and as endpoint the airport of Tamil Nadu. The passengers were arrested after a very thorough body check, according to the authorities. Smuggling gold in the anus is not new, it is even more common in India. The country is crazy about gold and is the biggest gold importer in the world. Especially Hinduists since they use the expensive metal to decorate religious objects. The smugglers were allowed to travel on because only small amounts were involved. The gold has of course been confiscated by authorities.


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