Dutch man risks 12 years prison for possessing one gram of hash

Dutch man arrested by indonesian authorities for one gram of hash

Hash in Indonesia

The 46-year-old Dutch man Nicolas Denis Lijzaat was arrested in Bali, Indonesia for possession of 0.83 grams of hash. Nicolas could be spending the next 12 years in prison for this crime since Indonesia has very strict drug laws. This week, the Indonesian prime minister suggested, that just like the Philippines, the police should kill drug traffickers.

Police raid

The man has been monitored by the local police for several days. They had information that the man was using drugs regularly.

The 46-year-old Nicolas lived in Bali for about fifteen years and was worked in construction. During a raid in his house in Jimbaran, the police found a small amount of hash. In the mans home country, 0.83 grams cost about eight to ten euros. You are allowed to hold up to 5 grams of cannabis on you. Possession of the smallest amount of drugs in Indonesia however can easily get you 10 years in prison.


“We received information that the Dutch man has regularly used hash. According to the police, the suspect stated that he had received the joints for free of someone he knew only under the initials ‘MD’. The man said that It’s the first time he used hash.

If the Dutch man is found guilty of violating the law on drug possession, he may receive a maximum sentence of twelve years.


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