Injuries found on model Ivana Smit not from 14-floor fall

Dutch photo model Ivana Smit not killed after falling 14 floors

Ivana Smit

According to forensic pathologist Frank van de Goot, the injuries found on model Ivana Smit do not fit with those of someone who has fallen from a great height. “What I’ve seen does at least raise my suspicions. This whole case gives me a weird feeling’, says Van de Goot.

The forensic pathologist investigated Smit’s remains after they arrived from Kuala Lumpur at Schiphol this Saturday.

Additional research

Sébas Diekstra, the lawyer of the relatives, states that the findings give sufficient reason to carry out extensive investigations. In that follow-up research, among other things, possible traces of alcohol or drugs in the body of the victim will be examined. Forensic pathologist Van de Goot expects to be able to present his definitive findings early next year.


Ivan Smit was found in Malaysia at the beginning of this month. She would have fallen from a balcony of an apartment on the 20th floor in the capital Kuala Lumpur. She was found dead on a balcony fourteen storeys lower. The relatives of Ivana Smit question the American couple’s statements about where their daughter stayed that fatal night. They also have no confidence in the Malaysian authorities.


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