Insulin injecting nurse wanted to be a hero

Dutch nurse Rahiied A. official statement on why he killed several people by injecting them with Insulin


The man who is suspected of having killed several elderly people in nursing homes by injecting them with insulin had the intention to make the people sicker so he could assist them afterwards. Dutch newspaper “De Telegraaf,” reported this.

Buried & Cremated

According to Rahiied A.’s lawyer, his client has now given the police an official statement.

Rahiied A. (21) is now suspected of at least three, and possibly more, insulin murders in Rotterdam and the surrounding area. Some of the deceased who may have been killed by A. have already been buried or cremated. Because of this, it can not be investigated whether or not he has also injected them with insulin.

Criminal Record

According to De Telegraaf, Rahiied A. has a criminal record. Last August he was sentenced to 80 hours of community service, half of which was conditional, for stealing 5000 euros from an elderly person in Rotterdam. She lived in the nursing homes where A.  worked for a few weeks. He withheld the conviction from his employers and had a Declaration on good behavior.

It is more common for nurses in nursing homes to make people dangerously ill in order to get a good feeling when they can assist them afterwards. Recently, such a case came in the news in Germany:

German nurse suspected of killing 106 people.


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