Murdered Irish gangster Jamie Tighe Ennis had it coming

Irish gangster Jamie Tighe Ennis shot dead last Saturday night police searching for witnesses

Jamie Tighe Ennis

Jamie Tighe Ennis (24) was shot through the back of his head last Saturday night

Irish gangster Jamie Tighe Ennis shot dead last Saturday night

There is trouble in the Irish underworld. Today, the Gardai (Irish police) announced that a major investigation was launched after the death of 24-year-old Jamie Tighe Ennis. A hitman killed him in Dublin this Saturday night with a shot to the head. Researchers are now investigating whether that attack was the result of the victim’s behavior. The 24-year-old is believed to have cut off the ear of an addicted who had an unpaid debt. The writers of the Irish Sun gave that one a good header; “From ear to eternity.”

Mother of six

Jamie Tighe Ennis can also be linked to another crime. He could also be responsible for the mysterious murder of the mother of six children – Antoinette Corbally – who was killed together with 30-year-old Clinton Shannon in August of this year. The Irish detectives suspect that he would be involved in the planning of this murder while he was in jail. It is a case that has received a lot of media attention but has not yet been solved.


Yet another theory that has been raised is that the 24-year-old victim just had a big mouth. He would have stepped on the toes of members of a rival drug gang.

With all these theories in circulation, it is clear that the Irish police are still searching for the truth.

Jamie Tighe Ennis murdered saturday nightEar

As it turned out, the man who died on Saturday was involved in various conflicts. One of them took place last year. Ennis would have tied up an addicted man and taken him in his car. An argument arose because of an unpaid drug debt. At Dublin Airport the 24-year-old supposedly cut the mans ear off. The police strongly suspect that this has been the work of the 24-year-old. This despite the fact that the victim at that time did not dare to go to the police.

An acquaintance of the 24-year-old explains: “Ennis was a person that would apply violence if it was the simplest solution.”

North dublin

Ennis had a long criminal record including charges such as weapon possession. He was shot last Saturday in the presence of friends on Moatview Avenue in Coolock, in the far north of Dublin, known as the working class of the Irish capital, characterized by poverty, unemployment and drug addiction. The perpetrator took off in a black Audi, which was later found burnt out 10 kilometers away from the crime scene. Ennis was on a night out, and did not live at the location where he was killed. His sister posted a message on Facebook saying: “Rest in peace in paradise my brother.”


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