IS Bride Laura H. sentenced to eleven months in prison

IS bride laura H sentenced to 24 months in prison


Bride – Laura H, who went with her husband to IS controlled area, has been sentenced to 24 months in prison, of which thirteen months are conditional. Because she has been in imprisonment before her trial for over a year, she does not have to go back to prison again.

Although H.’s lawyer said that the woman did not know what she was about to do, the judge thinks that is not plausible. He found it clear that H. knew that she was going to an area controlled by terrorist group IS and what exactly was happening there. By providing for her family, she had a supporting role in committing terrorism according to the judge. H. however, is not suspected of membership of a terrorist organization.

Public prosecutor

The public prosecutor tried to sentence the woman to 35 months in prison, of which 24 months conditional. Again, with that punishment, she also did not have to go back to prison. The judge, however, did not follow the advice of the public prosecutor

The lawyer of H. demanded an acquittal. He claims that the woman was forced to go with her husband and her children. A year later, in July 2016, she managed to escape the caliphate and her husband and immediately returned to the Netherlands. H. was arrested on arrival. The public prosecutor was afraid that H. could commit an attack once she returned. Where her husband is, is unknown.


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