Italian police discover huge store for false documents


False documents

False Documents – In a small office, people were working day and night producing false identity documents. 

False documents italy store arrested

Europe has had to deal with a huge influx of refugees over the last three to four years. That’s one of the reasons why the trade in illegal documents is booming. Another reason is that terrorists are in need of them. And yet another reason is that ‘ordinary’ criminals love them, especially when they are running from the law. We can start to speak about an “industry” with a large number of parties interested in buying. But what we didn’t know was there were entire factories where false documents were being produced on a massive scale. Of course, this can only happen in Italy.


The Italian anti-terrorism unit made an effective hit last week at an illegal identity document shop. The “Store” was located near Piazza Garibaldi, right in the center of Naples. Around 7500 false documents were found. Most of which, documents that were already “prepared”, which means that it was ready to go to its new user, including a complete name, watermark stamp and passport photo. Police believe the profits must have been in the hundreds of thousands of euros.

Italian police officer holding up two of the fake passports found in the store
The documents couldn’t be distinguished from real ones. The Italian authorities arrested five Ghanaian man group for making and selling the false documents. They were caught on the scene and arrested.



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