Japanese horror house filled with dead bodies

Police in Tokyo Japan find nine dead and dismantled beheaded bodies in horror house

Horror House

Horror House – In the Japanese city of Zama, near Tokyo, the police have made a terrible discovery. In a family home, body parts of up to nine people were found. Organs of the people were stored in refrigerators. Police responded after the neighbors complained about the stench coming from the house. In the meantime, one of the victims has been identified. It would supposedly be a 23-year-old woman who has been reported missing for some time.


Two severed heads have also been found in the boxes. DNA tests must now show who all these body parts belong to. The Japanese authorities have now arrested a suspect, the inhabitant of the horror house. The investigation will need to clarify what the man knows about the dead bodies in his house.

Japanese horror house dead bodies dismantled beheaded

Social media

Talking about the suspect: His name already showed up during the search for the “missing woman” mentioned above. She became the subject of an investigation after her brother came to the police saying that she went missing for a few days.

Press and the public went to the Japanese Horror House in Zama to see what happened

The police then made a shocking discovery in cooperation with this brother. Both the female victim and the man who is arrested appeared to be active on a social media site for people who want to commit suicide. After checking the conversations, they also found that the two talked about the subject of suicide. Whether the man met his other victims also through this ‘suicide website‘ is not clear yet.


The horror house could be smelled from miles away. The man always had his fan on, apparently to try and drive the smell of rotting corpses from his home.


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