Jealous Russian cuts wife’s hands off

Jealous Russian cuts wife's hands off


A jealous Russian man has cut his wife’s hands off with an ax.
The 26-year-old suspect accused his wife of having an affair, a spokesperson for the court told news agency TASS. The woman had already applied for a divorce.

The man was convinced that he was not the real father of their child. He even forced his 25-year-old partner into a lie detector test.

The man eventually took her to a forest, about 77 kilometers south of Moscow. There, according to the authorities, he chopped off the hands of his wife. The man then brought her to a hospital and then turned himself in to police.


Officers searched for the body parts of the woman in the forest. Surgeons then needed about ten hours to reattach the left hand again. The right hand could no longer be saved, according to the most skilled doctor in the hospital.

”We are shocked by this incident ”, he wrote on Instagram. The suspect could be facing a prison sentence of fifteen years.


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