Jihadi terrorist wants to return to the Netherlands: ‘I protect people’

Jihadi terrorist Marouane B Netherlands

IS Terrorist

Terrorist – The Dutch jihadi in Syria Marouane B. wants to come to the Netherlands to prove his innocence in court. He wrote that in an open letter. “I have chosen to become a soldier in Syria and was aware of the risks and consequences”

The rapper from Arnhem Marouane B. left with a friend to Syria in 2014. His documents were found in the hands of terrorist organization IS, but in his letter he writes that he has never “known or denied” that he has joined IS. His letter, with the headline ‘Your Honor’, is believed to be written in Raqqa on June the 29th, 2017.

This is one of the songs Marouane B. made with his friends, the song is about the month of fasting (Ramadan).


B. writes, “A few years ago, I left with a brother to Syria. I wanted to help the children, women and men terrorized by the tyrant Assad (the president of Syria). In Syria, me and my brother joined  as soldiers in a fighting group. ”

He said in his own words “so naive” to think that the war would be done in a few years, I expected to be back in the Netherlands a long time ago. “I decided to become a soldier in Syria, but I have not chosen a lawsuit, calling me a terrorist by the prosecutors and the media in the Netherlands.”

‘IS killing fewer people than Assad’

B. writes that he protects a nation and is wondering if it is punishable. “Most victims in Syria are attacked by Assad. Even ad-Dawlah al-Islāmiyah fī’l-‘Irāq wa-sh-Shām (IS) Has killed fewer civilians (by accident).”

He writes that he does not want to prove his innocence with his letter, but he will try to do if he gets a “fair trial” in the Netherlands. If he dies before that time, he ends his letter, then he wants to say, “I am innocent and proud because I have given my life to protect others. If I die, realize that I die smiling. Because a smile for a defeat is a final victory. ”

Dutch jihadists

According to the AIVD, around 280 people with “jihadist intentions” traveled from the Netherlands to Syria and Iraq. Among them there are about 90 women. Most have joined IS.

As far as known, 45 of them died. About 50 people have returned to the Netherlands. That means there are about 190 Dutch jihadists left in Syria and Iraq. Together they have at least 80 children, of whom about a third is born in those countries.

Dutch consulate

The lawyer of B. confirmed that the letter comes from him. He has written the letter because he takes into account that he does not survive the battle in Syria and wants to tell his side of the story. When the Jihadist could come back, it is still unclear. “If possible, he has to report to a Dutch consulate.”

The court in Rotterdam decided last week that a lawsuit against ten jihadists, including B., is being held because the suspects have the right to attend their lawsuit. Because of this it’s unknown when the lawsuits will continue.


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