Lonely Joran van der Sloot chats from his Peruvian cell


Joran van der Sloot

He has been lonely in his cell for years in the remote highlands of Peru. We’re talking about Joran van der Sloot. However he has not been completely cut of from the outside. A video  that surfaced on the internet shows that he has a fast internet connection, with which he can Skype. One of the things he does with the internet connection is chatting, with a boy who is desperately in love with him.

Research journalist Martijn Mastenbroek published the images this Saturday on his blog. A 11-minute Skype conversation between Joran van der Sloot and his admirerer.


Joran complains about feeling lonely on his cell and about the fact that his wife, Leidy, no longer wants to visit the prison with their child. “She thinks it’s dirty here, there are cockroaches running around, that’s not good for the baby. And there are always other people, she has no privacy. ” As long as the convicted murderer of Natalee Holloway and Stephany Flores is in the Challapalca prison, Leidy will not visit, he says. By the way, it’s not exactly clear when the video is recorded, but the child of Joran and Leidy was born in September 2014. And in March 2016, Leidy visited the Challapalca prison.

The video is in Dutch but you can hear a desperate and broken Joran van der Sloot. The way the two men speak to each other suggests that they might be in some sort of relationship together.

Financial research

How Joran managed to get an internet connection and a computer or mobile phone, which he can Skype with, is also a mystery. Officially, the regime in the Challapalca prison is the hardest in Peru. Joran was transferred there because he was caught in his cell in Lima with two mobile phones. But in most South American prisons money can buy almost anything, including in Challapalca it seems.

There are indications that Joran still has a lot of money. On the blog of journalist Mastenbroek there are images from a financial investigation conducted by the Peruvian Public Prosecutor to determine the income of Joran’s wife Leidy. The research was carried out by the prosecution department specialized in money laundering and was conducted last year.

Joran van der sloot prison money investigation


Leidy appears to have received more than 260,000 euros between 2012 and 2016 as so-called “gifts”. Among other things, Joran’s sugar aunt Mary Hamer, an American doctor who believes in Joran’s innocence has financially supported him for a long time. Also, the man in love with Joran (Video), said he had sent him money. He chats with Joran almost every day calling him “sweetheart” and “darling” and does not believe that Joran is a bad person.


One of the biggest lenders appears to be Roy B. He has transferred at least 20,000 euros to Joran. B. is a relative of the ‘paranormal medium’ Robbert van den Broeke and his associate Stan P.

Roy B., just like them, believes in crop circles and other esoteric air cycling. Crime site approached Roy B. Saturday night by telephone. Initially he cancelled the call as fast as he could, but a little later he called back with this statement:

My account has been misused by Stan P., who had access to my internet banking back in 2012 and 2013. I never transferred money myself to Joran and would never do that. It is very annoying that this is now becoming public. I don’t have any contact with Van den Broeke and Stan P anymore.

Money Lender Joran van der Sloot Stan P


Stan P., according to a source of us, is also the man in the video chatting with Joran van der Sloot. He is an old poker friend of Joran and already had contact with him before for the murder of Stephany Flores. Roy B. could not explain how and why Stan P. had access to his internet banking. Also, the question is why he did not report this if someone has misused his account.



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