Kaene M, member of rap group SFB arrested with loaded firearm

Kaene M KM SFB strictly family business arrested loaded firearm


Rapper Kaene M. (20, alias “KM”) of the Hague rap formation SFB has been released from prison because of “special personal circumstances”. according to The Parool. He was arrested with a loaded gun on Saturday, immediately after a performance at a festival in Amsterdam Southeast.


The police arrived after a visitor of the festival at the Arena Park tipped security over a weapon that would be hidden in M’s trousers. According to The Parool, the police raided the live show of SFB in the Q-Factory in Amsterdam East on Friday. That happened after Kaene M. himself called the police because he was being threatened with a firearm.

Strictly Family Business SFB arrested loaded firearm

Members of a SWAT team then checked with six visitors, two of whom were detained for further investigation. Firearms were not found at that time.

Something bigger

According to The Parool, the police has “a strong suspicion that something is going on” around the rap group. Research is ongoing.

Three of the four members of Strictly Family Business (SFB)  were arrested in Suriname in December of last year because they were seen on a video in which they had sex with a 15-year-old girl. They spent several months in prison for that offense. Kaene M. was one of the suspects.

In 2015 the manager of the rap group, Barry I had to go to prison for 30 months for scams, theft and credit card fraud. In three years time he managed to steal a lot of money from his victims. In addition to the imprisonment, he had to pay his victims € 32,000, -. The dutch authorities also took € 174,281.33 in cash away from the man.

Kwaku Festival

The group made the cd 77 Nights about their time in prison in Suriname. Next Saturday, SFB is programmed at the Kwaku festival in Amsterdam Southeast. Whether that show continues is the question. M. will probably still be in prison and the municipality could ban the performance given there’s a possible threat. If that continues, then the court may decide that M can not be present.


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