Who is responsible for killing crime reporter Martin Kok ?

Martin Kok Crime Reporter

Crime Reporter, Dangerous profession 

Crime Reporter – We want to start of by giving our condolences to the family of Martin Kok, who sadly passed away. Martin Kok, an ex professional criminal that turned in to a leading crime reporter. Martin stood close to the criminals that he reported about, maybe a little bit to close. Most crime reporters already know that they are standing with their feet in the mud if they report on these topics. They have to get inside of that environment to be able to write about it. Martin was a dozen times closer to it then all of those reporters and that’s why he succeeded at what he did. Unfortunately he also had to pay with it for his life. He knew the risks and with this there came frequent attacks on his life. Bombs under his car, Gunfire on his house and bullet holes in his car. Martin has seen it all. But faced by it ? No, not in the slightest. He laughed it off and kept driving his Mercedes-Benz with 9 bullet holes in it proudly.


Crime reporter car


The best answer he could give when someone told him “you can’t bounce a bullet, Martin” was “I’m a c-c-c Criminal, I c-c-c Can handle one, I can even handle two but when they come with 5 im done” and “When they succeed in catching me, I wont be bothered by it. You want to know why ? Because I’m happy!”


Martin didn’t pay too much attention to the journalistic principles such as checking sources and ramifications. Rumors and ill-founded suspicions, Martin made sure it ended up on his website. If something later turned out not to be correct, it could always be taken off the site. Due to Martin’s former criminal contacts and friends he always had the best scoops. He turned out to be wrong once or twice but the stories that ended up being true were huge and caused quiet the disturbances in the criminal environment.

Crime reporter

Among other crime reporters it was discussed how long Martin would last with putting wild rumors on his site. Reckless – that word was never far away when it came to Kok.

He was so proud that he could earn his money a legal way. If you would meet the man in a bar you wouldn’t be able to tell that this man is responsible for killing two people. Martin had his life back on track. He had some legal problems, but he already found the solution. My advertisers just have to pay a bit more money, he said.


Martin’s funeral ? Well lets start of with the checklist shall we. Metal detection gates? Check. Beautiful woman from one of the best modeling agencies in the Netherlands? Check. Champagne?Check. Fireworks? Check. A picture of Martin with salamis on his eyes? Check. A beatiful drawing from his son whom he loved so much? check. If you ask me, I dont think Martin wanted it any other way.

Salami Martin Kok


It’s taking shots in the dark when you start talking about who exactly killed Martin. It could be an old enemy that took advantage of the fact that Martin was already at risk because of his work and who decided to settle an old issue or it could be one of the dozens of criminals who Martin wrote about on his popular website Vlinderscrime. I guess we’ll have to let the police to their work. Martin had to many enemies. So many in fact that even the ones closest to him are not able to say who they think is responsible for this. “Martin made so many enemies in the last one and a half years, really, I am not exaggerating if I say there are at least 500 people that he pissed of in some way” according to his staff at Vlinderscrime.


Martin Kok

– What we have once enjoyed we can never lose … All that we love deeply becomes a part of us – 




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