Irish Kinahan Cartel Member arrested in hotel room (Video)

Kinahan Cartel member arrested in hotel room video footage

Kinahan Cartel

An Irish gangster and member of the Kinahan cartel was arrested in a hotel room in Salou, Spain this week. The 34-year-old man is suspected of assassination of Eamon ‘the Don’ Dunne back in 2010. The Spanish police filmed the arrest of the Irish man, who didn’t expect a thing. He was calmly sleeping next to a woman. Video after the break.

The video footage shows how the SWAT team, armed with semi-automatic weapons, enters the hotel room in the Costa Dorado resort. You can hear the SWAT members yell ‘Los Manos, Los Manos’, meaning hands up in Spanish. After you hear them yelling in Spanish they start, in English; ‘Do not move’.

In addition to the murder of Eamon Dunne, a mafia boss suspected of ordering more than ten murders, the now arrested 34-year-old Irishman is also suspected of several other drugss and gun crimes.

Kinahan-Hutch war

The last time we reported on the Kinahan’s there was a major war going on between members of the Kinahan family and members of the Hutch Family. Several people were shot and killed over this feud in a couple of years. Including the 41-year-old father of 3, Trevor O’Neill. 

Jonathan Hutch the intended victim at that time. The hit men mistakes O’Neill for one of the sons of Gerry Hutch and shoots and kills the innocent victim.


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