Kinahan cartel member transfered to friendlier prison

kinahan cartel

Kinahan member prison transfer

Kinahan cartel member Naoufal Fassih alias noffel is transferred to a “friendlier” prison in Ireland. At first there were fears for his life because someone from the Hutch family might want to kill him. The protection status that Naoufal had has now been revoked and he has been placed in general population. Authorities don’t believe Naoufal is in direct danger any more and that’s why they decided to transfer him.


Naoufal Fassih alias Noffel is still waiting for his transfer to the Netherlands where he should be trialed for a few simple assaults. Why is it taking so long ? we’ll the answer in simple, we don’t know.  you’d think something like this should be done in a couple of days because Naoufal’s prison sentence in Ireland has already been served.

Convictions Kinahan cartel member

Naoufal Fassih has 12 previous convictions for serious offenses in the Netherlands. The first of which dates from 1998. He received a two-year prison sentence in 2000, a 3 and a half-year sentence in 2002 and another 20 months in 2014. His previous offenses records consists of; unauthorized use of weapons, possession of ammunition and explosives, extortion, attempted extortion, assault, embezzlement, drug possession and a few other violent crimes.


A newspaper in the Netherlands named “Het parool” brought some interesting information today. Naoufal has been found innocent in an assault case back in late 2012. The lawyer told the judge that years have passed since then. He gave the judge the advise to clear both men of all charges. The judge followed the advise of naoufal’s lawyer.

The parool also wrote that Naoufal has spent some time in Involuntary commitment. That proves you never stop learning.

Luck is finally on Noffel’s side. At this point there’s only one case against him and that’s for money laundering (€10.000). Dutch authorities want him back to the Netherlands so they can finish this case against him.



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