Attack on the Kinahan family on it’s way according to police

kinahan family members in danger

Police sends out warning messages to kinahan family members.

Thisthinline has posted many articles about the ongoing feud between the Hutch family and the Kinahan’s. This september an innocent man got killed because he looked like a family member of the Hutch family.

For those who really can’t read enough crime news should certainly read the Irish newspapers more often. Irish newspapers are filled with news on the feud between the Hutch and Kinahan family. This feud has already claimed 10 lives. All members of the Hutch family, over a 100 people have received letters stating that their lives are in danger.

Even the nieces and nephews of Christy Kinahan, who aren’t involved in the life of crime have constant protection. The Irish government is spending a boat load of cash trying to protect all these individuals. And now according to an insider a few senior members of the Hutch family have arrived in the Netherlands where previously Gerry Hutch aka the Monk has been spotted.


Gerry Hutch is believed to have had a meeting with a notorious drug dealer named George Mitchell aka The Penguin. According to the insider, many family members are tired of having to live their lives in fear. It’s believed that the Hutch family is trying to set up an attack on the Kinnahan’s from out of Europe. Will the head of the snake be cut of by killing Christy Kinahan or by killing one of his two sons Thompson and Daniel Kinahan?

Not a day goes by in Ireland that this feud isn’t dominating the news. The feud between the two families is far from over and has yet to reach its peak. The two leaders of the two groups are still alive and planning their next attack on each other.

Hit man

Justice is currently powerless and tries to raid property’s belong to the Kinahan’s but all they have managed to do is take one of the most dangerous hit man working for the Kinahan’s. This man is used to spending time in jail so he won’t be bothered that much. People in the criminal environment are scared that the hit man will start to talk to save his own ass but this is pure speculation of the criminals that got wiretapped by the police.


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