Kinahan-Hutch gang war starting to get out of control

    Trevor O'Neill shot dead in front of his family

    Kinahan-Hutch gang war claims innocent life.

    Strike three this Wednesday on the vacation island of Mallorca. Trevor O’Neill aged 41, father of 3 children was shot dead in front of his family, and what seems? The man had nothing to do with the ongoing war between the rivaling gangs in the Irish underworld. The only thing he did wrong was transfer his holiday destination from Turkey to Spain. Because it would be to “unsafe” to travel to Turkey at this moment.

    Jonathan Hutch the intended victim was also on the same plane as Trevor O’Neill. The hit men mistakes O’Neill for one of the kids of Gerry Hutch alias the monk and shot the innocent victim.

    Trevor O’Neill
    Trevor O’Neill shot dead in spain

    Kinahan-Hutch feud has claimed several lives.

    The feud began when Christy Kinahan alias the dapper don, the leader of the Kinahan gang got air of the plans from Garry Hutch to take over the powerful drugs organization of Christy Kanahan. This resulted in an immediate war going on between the two.

    The powerful Kinahan drugs gang is setting out to kill all the remaining members of the Hutch family. And is doing a good job. Gerry Hutch’s family members are filling the cemetery up fast

    It’s advisable to take a look at pictures of the Hutch family when you are planning to visit Spain or Ireland. If you see any resemblance between you and one of the members from the Hutch family, you might want to rethink your holiday destination.

    Kinahan-Hutch Gang war

    Kinahan gang active across the globe.

    The Kinahan gang is linked to gangs all across the globe. The ongoing feud is causing increased police presence across the continent of Europe as they are trying to put an end to the war between the two family’s. Before these cartels were able to flood Europe with cocaine but due to the increased police presence drug shipments are getting harder and harder to get in. This is starting to annoy Colombian cartels including the Medellin cartel, famous because of it’s former leader Pablo Escobar.

    The drug cartels cant wait for this war to claim it’s last victim. The faster the cemetery is filled up, the faster they can continue with their business. Let’s just hope it wont claim any innocent lives anymore.

    Want to learn more about the ongoing war between the two gangs? visit the irish timelines by clicking here



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