Kinahan-Hutch gang war several major police raids

kinahan-hutch gang war

Kinahan-Hutch gang war major police operation

Irish newspapers and the BBC have announced  a major police operation against organized crime. There have been 6 police raids in Ireland and spain in connection to the Kinahan-Hutch gang war and to the criminal organization of Dapper Don Christy Kinahan. Over 60 agents raided the houses that all belong to the kinahan’s. Christy Kinahan is believed to run one of Europe’s biggest drug organisations.

With the raids they hope to find evidence of money laundering and possibly to find evidence for the eighth murders which have taken place in recent years. The murders can all be linked to the ongoing Kinahan-Hutch gang war that has been raging on over the last few years. The Spanish police hopes to find evidence of two recent murders connected to the Kinahan-Hutch gang war

Garry Hutch

Gary Hutch, 34, was killed last September in his apartment complex on the Costa del Sol. When someone was murdered in August of this year, that looked like someone from the Hutch family the police started to get involved in the ongoing war. Trevor O’Neill, an innocent family man was killed because he looked like someone from the Hutch family. If you want to read more about the murder on Trevor O’Neill you can do so by clicking here.

The spanish media is now saying the police caught the hitmen who killed Gary Hutch when he wanted to catch a plane in Malaga. It’s everywhere on the news in both Ireland and Spain. The police in spain raided the gym of Daniel Kinahan, the son of christy kinahan earlier this year and found some interesting items. Guns and huge amounts of cash were among the stuff seized by police. The video of the raid by the “gaurdia civil” can be found here.

seized cash gym kinahan


The suspect in the murder of Gary Hutch is the 30-year-old J.Q. James Quinn is a notorious Irish boxer and already has many prior convictions to his name. Spanish media only gives two letters of his name and pictures are made unrecognizable. Something not normally done by the Spanish police but my sources gave me the name very quick. We even spotted a picture in which the media failed to make it unrecognizable.


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