A dying man’s last words – “kiss my white trash ass”

Last Words Kiss my white trash ass J W Ledford

Kiss my white trash ass

Last Words – J.W. Ledford (45) was killed after a deadly injection in Jackson, Georgia this Wednesday.   the US Supreme Court had rejected a request for postponement at the last-minute. In 1992 he robbed and killed his 74-year-old neighbor while he was drunk with a knife.

Last words

When the 45-year-old Ledford was asked to say his last words, he quoted Cool Hand Luke from the same-named movie from 1967 about a detainee who refused to adapt to the rules in prison.

What we have here is a failure to communicate. Some men you just can’t reach. I am not the failure. You are the failure to communicate.

After that he spoke some proper words, that we can expect from a murderer.

You can kiss my white trash ass.

He still spoke while the injection was already administered but the witnesses on the other side of the window could not understand what he was saying because the microphone had already been turned off. He straightened his head to look at his right arm and soon lost consciousness after taking a couple of deep breaths.

Firing squad

His last meal definitely contained over 5,000 calories. It was a filet mignon wrapped in bacon and cheese, big fries, ten pieces of chicken with sauce, baked pork chops, fried onions, pecan pie with vanilla ice cream, sorbet and a sprite.

His request to be executed by a firing squad was rejected. He said he was afraid that the injection would cause a painful death: “unconstitutional painful” as he formulated. You can’t blame the man. Over the years there have been several reports about prison executions that went horribly wrong.

You can watch the full movie “Cool hand luke” here:


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