Two leaders Corsican mafia assassinated at Bastia airport

Two leaders Corsican mafia assassinated at Bastia airport

Corsican mafia

Corsican mafia leaders Antoine Quilichini and Jean-Luc Codaccioni gunned down at Bastia airport.

The calmness that ruled over the French island in recent years seemed to have been only an ‘appearance’. Antoine Quilichini and Jean-Luc Codaccioni, two ‘pillars’ of the Corsican mafia, have fallen. Yesterday the two men were ambushed when they left Bastia airport late in the morning. The first – Quilichini – died on the spot. He was shot in the head, the second – Codaccioni – died in the hospital. A third man was slightly injured after being hit by a bullet that missed the target.


Witnesses told police that they saw two gunmen. After hearing shots, bystanders saw how the two gunmen got inside of a vehicle waiting nearby and fled. The murder investigation has now been entrusted to the ‘interregional’ police. A detective branch that deals with organized crime in Marseille and surroundings.


Antoine Quilichini – whose nickname was ‘Tony the Butcher’ – is seen as a leading figure in South-France’s organized crime. He was also active politically for a while. In the 1990s he was the foreman of a dissident nationalist group, the Movement for Self-determination, led by Alain Orsoni. He kept close contact with one of the leaders of this movement, Antoine Nivaggioni, who was murdered in 2010.

Antoine Quilichini alias 'Tony Le Boucher', alias 'Tony the butcher'                                                       Antoine Quilichini


The Corsican criminal was released from prison only fifteen days after serving a four-year sentence, including eighteen months conditional for ordering the murder of Jean-Claude Colonna, nephew, and successor of the legendary John Jerome Colonna. The co-defendant in that case – Codaccioni was also assassinated. He was on prison leave at the time.

The group to which the two killed criminals belong is a dominant factor in Corsica. Large-scale activities would be led by this organization from and to Africa.


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