Take a guess, how long will these prisoners remain alive?

Prisoners Arkansas death penalty


In the US state of Arkansas the death sentence of six prisoners will get carried out within one week. An unprecedented number. The reason: the shelf life of one of the three poisons that gets administered to the prisoners, is expiring.

The state of Arkansas hasn’t executed the death penalty over the last twelve years. The Republican governor Asa Hutchinson will now carry out the death penalty of six prisoners in eleven days. In Arkansas the execution of the death penalty is done by administering a cocktail of poison. Because the shelf life of one of those poisons expires late April, Arkansas wants to implement the death penalty for six prisoners within eleven days.


A federal judge has, however, postponed the execution of the prisoners involved this weekend. The state of Arkansas is against the appealed, leaving the possibility that the penalty of death row inmates will still get implemented by the end of April. Initially it was a group of eight prisoners. The lawyers of two prisoners managed to get their clients of the “urgency” list through another court.

The group of eight death row inmates are; Bruce Ward, Don Davis, Ledell Lee, Stacy Johnson Jack Jones, Marcel Williams, Kenneth Williams and Jason McGehee. (left to right)

Prisoners Arkansas death penalty



Bruce Ward, sixty years prison sentence (diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenia) murdered teenager Rebecca Doss.

Don Davis murdered Jane Daniels at her home in 1990. Was sentenced to death in 1993.

Ledell Lee hits his neighbor and kills him in 1993. Ledell was on parole at the time.

Stacy Johnson strangled Carol Heath and then slit her throat. Johnson denies being the killer.

Jack Jones murdered bookkeeper Mary Phillips during a robbery; her daughter survived barely.

Marcel Williams raped, robbed and strangled Stacy Errickson in 1994.

Kenneth Williams was sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of cheerleader Dominique Hurd, escaped from prison and killed a woman near the prison. On the run from the police, he killed a chauffeur.

Jason McGehee was involved in the murder of fifteen-year-old boy named Johnny Melbourne.


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