Legendary Mafia Rat Sammy the Bull Gravano Released From Prison

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Sammy the Bull Gravano

Sammy the Bull Gravano – The American mob rat ‘Sammy the Bull’ Gravano appears to have been released from his prison in Arizona last week. He played a crucial role in the process against the renowned Mafia boss John Gotti in the nineties.


‘Sammy the bull’, whose real name is Salvatore Gravano, received a prison sentence of 20 years for distributing ecstasy in 2001. He led a drug organization that consisted of 50 men and earned 500,000 dollars a week with selling pills. The prison administration showed that the 72-year-old Gravano was released from prison last Monday. This reports the New York Post. He spent a total of 17 years in prison.


Gravano is especially famous because in the 1990s he acted as witness against mafia boss John Gotti. Together with Gotti, he murdered the then leader of the New York Gambino Mafia family Paul Castellano in 1985 to take over the power in this group. The Gambino family was part of the so-called “five families” in New York. Mafia families who were enriching themselves with prostitution, extortion and large-scale theft after the US Prohibition of Alcohol in the twenties. The Italian mafia in New York was also called the “Brooklyn Camorra” during that time.


Following the famous FBI operation against the Gambino family, Gotti and Gravano were arrested in 1991. Gravano received only a five-year sentence through a deal with the prosecutors, although he had admitted his involvement in no less than 19 murders. In return for this short sentence, Sammy the Bull Gravano testified against John Gotti, who later got a life sentence. 39 other so-called ‘wiseguys’ were also convicted thanks to information supplied by Gravano.

Price on his head

Gravano claimed to have testified against Gotti because he had heard a tape recording in which Gotti talked bad about him. The police also pointed out to him that Gotti had indicated to testify against him, if he did the same. This turned out to be not true. Gravano’s  still has a prize on his head as promised by the Gambino family. He previously escaped death after a hit team sent by John Gotti’s brother failed to kill him.


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