Arrested man grabs gun policeman and shoots him dead

Grabs gun policeman

Man grabs gun policeman and shoots him dead

In Brazil, a video surfaced of a suspect who is about to be searched when he grabs the gun of a policeman and shoots. One of the officers is then hit in the chin and dies on the spot. The arrested man has an extremely hard time waiting for him. The Brazilian police is known to be pretty tough in normal situations. Let alone when you have just shot one of their colleague in the head.

Presídio Central

Let’s hope the man doesn’t end up in Presídio Central because he will be having a hard time.

Prison conditions in brazil are deplorable. They are a human rights disaster. In one cell complex there are 60 men who share six cement bunks for sleeping and that’s if you’re lucky. If you’re unlucky you share a cell without windows with 37 men and you all sleep on the ground. Prisoners are only allowed to leave their cells for around 2 hours a week.

Medical care? you’re joking. Skin disease, Tuberculosis and all different kind of diseases spread rapidly through the prison because there are not enough police officers to escort them to the hospital.

Prison authorities cant exercise control within the prison grounds. Instead they give the key’s to the prisoners to give them authority. These so-called “keyholders” make the rules within the prison walls. If you want a good place to sleep or need any drugs you need to talk to that person and have some cash.

If you want to read about the top 10 worst prisons in the world then you can do so by clicking here. Some of these prisons have already been shut down by Amnesty International because of their poor conditions. The Carandiru prison was best known for its massacre in 1992.


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